All items in Pikmin 4

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Pikmin 4 background

If you're looking for all items in Pikmin 4, you probably need a little help in combat or whilst exploring the world. For a small fee, you can get a nice bonus that will help you out in a lot of encounters.

In this guide, we'll go over all the items you can find in Pikmin 4, alongside how much they cost and what each one does. You should learn what you can about them before getting too far into the game.

All items in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, there are a handful of items you can purchase using raw materials. They either provide extra help in battle, or assistance with your HP.

Generally, you should aim to plan out how you spend your resources to get the most out of them, but you will get quite a lot throughout your time with the game so you don't have to worry too much about it.

Check out our table below to see all the items available in Pikmin 4:

Item Name Cost (Raw Material) What it does
Scrummy Bone3Heals Oatchi's HP, and temporarily increases max HP if already full
Emergency Kit5Revives the player character when knocked out
Pikpik Carrot2Paralyse enemies when eaten
Bomb Rock8Explosive bomb that damages enemies and can break reinforced walls
Ice Blast8Freezes creatures and water when it explodes
Lightning Shock30Hits enemies with lightning to stop them in place temporarily
Trackonator10Homing bomb that will always hit the nearest enemy
Mine10Explodes when sensing movement from nearby enemies, and can be stuck to creatures

How to get items in Pikmin 4

In order to get items in Pikmin 4, you simply have to talk to Russ, the Rescue Corps scientist. He's easy to spot in the hub world, as he has a spanner icon above his head. He will start out with just a few items near the start of the game but more will be added with time.

Initially, items are free, to teach you how to use them at the start. If you decide you like the item and want to use it more as you play, you will have to pay for them with raw materials.


Raw materials can be grabbed throughout the game by harvesting them throughout stages, so you're unlikely to ever run out. Even better, most of the top-level items like bombs are on the cheaper side, so you've got no need to worry about running out of cash.

And with that, you know all you should know about items in Pikmin 4. For more information on the game, here's how to rewind in Pikmin 4, all side missions in Pikmin 4, and how to customise your character in Pikmin 4.

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