How to rewind in Pikmin 4

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Pikmin collecting a defeated enemy in Pikmin 4.

Learning how to rewind in Pikmin 4 is necessary for those tougher moments. Given a tough battle can result in you losing lots of your Pikmin, you may want an easy way to repeat sections and stop yourself from making big mistakes. Essentially serving as the save function, rewinding time is an excellent mechanic that will really help you out.

In this guide, we'll go over exactly how to rewind in Pikmin 4, from how to do it, how it works, and the caveats to rewinding time. Though you can't use it all the time, you can get a lot of value out of it if used right.

How to rewind in Pikmin 4

The first thing to know about rewinding in Pikmin 4 is that you can only do it in specific spots. Yes, you can only use the rewind feature while on expeditions, or in the dungeons buried underground of these larger hub areas. That makes sense though, because you'll have no need for rewinding in the main base area.

When you're on an expedition, press the - button to bring up the Options menu. From here, you can select Rewind Time, which will bring you back to a checkpoint before the current point. Essentially, it works similar to a save system, where you can choose which autosave to go back to. If you like the look of the time you are rewinding to, hover over it and press A. This will send you back.

Pikmin 4 rewind option
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Generally speaking, this should be done when you've made a mistake and lost too many Pikmin to one location. You can choose to play on regardless, but then you'll have to re-recruit all those Pikmin you lost to compensate for your mistake.. Don't worry too much about overusing the Rewind Time mechanic. It's there for a reason.

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