All side missions in Pikmin 4

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Pikmin in Pikmin 4

If you want to play as much of the game as possible, you may be looking for all side missions in Pikmin 4. They are both a great way to explore more of the world, and a route to some handy resources for doing so.

In this guide, we'll go over all the side missions in Pikmin 4, what you have to do to beat them, and the rewards you get for doing so. There's plenty to keep you busy between main story missions!

All side missions in Pikmin 4

Here are all the side missions you can find in Pikmin 4, alongside what you get for finishing them:

  • Appraisal Frenzy - Collect treasures (50 raw material)
  • All the Little Darlings - Find species of creatures (20 raw material)
  • Fusing Onions - Fuse onions (10 raw material)
  • Cave Delving - Explore caves (30 raw material)
  • Train a Rescue Pup - Learn all of Oatchi's skills
  • An Ode to Science - Acquire all gear from the Lab
  • Investigate Areas - 100% explore an area (30 raw material)
  • Set the World Abloom - Bloom a bunch of Pikmin flowers (30 raw material)
  • Friend to all Pikmin - Grow the Pikmin population (Bloom 300) (30 raw material)
  • Leafling Meet and Greet - Rescue 10 Leaflings
  • Rescue Club Members
  • Cure the Leaflings - Cure 6 Leaflings (30 raw material)

The majority of the game's side missions have five tiers, which make missions harder but give you better rewards for doing them. The versions of the mission above are just the base level, and you can expect the parameters to be more difficult as you get into the game. This being said, they are worth finishing if you have the time.

Generally speaking, you are encouraged to do side missions whenever you can, as the spare materials can help you out later in the game. Of course, they aren't absolutely necessary to finishing the game and you can do them in your own time.

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