How to customise character in Pikmin 4

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Pikmin 4 cover art

If you want to know how to customise character in Pikmin 4, there's a chance you have gotten bored of looking at the same character since the start of the game. Luckily, there is an easy way to customise them, and it even comes with reasonably robust customisation options.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know to customise your character in Pikmin 4, from how to do it to which options you can expect to find, and whether or not you can unlock new customisation options.

The character customisation screen in Pikmin 4.
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How to customise your character in Pikmin 4

You won't have access to the customisation features in Pikmin 4 until you get around halfway through the story. Once you have collected all of the Rescue Corps, you'll meet an NPC called Puddle. You will notice him by his distinctive purple hair. You can find his in the middle of the hub world, denoted by an icon that looks like a tennis racket.

Speak to him, then click the Update My Look option to start customising your character. In here, you will see the option to change skin tone, body shape, face shape, hair colour, hairstyle, clothing colour, and your name. These are all the same customisation options given to you at the very start of the game, so you won't unlock any more cosmetics as you play. That said said, it is free to customise your character, so you can do it whenever you want to without spending raw materials.

You aren't penalised in any way for customising your character, though you aren't really incentivised either. Hopefully, we could see some more cosmetics if the game gets DLC or a content update post-launch.

Now that you know how to customise your character in Pikmin 4, there is plenty more in Pikmin for you to discover. If you want more information on the game, here are all side missions in Pikmin 4, the best treasure to collect in Pikmin 4, and how to rewind time in Pikmin 4.

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