What is the best treasure to collect in Pikmin 4?

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A group of Pikmin carrying a GameBoy Advance SP in Pikmin 4.

If you are looking to find the best treasure in Pikmin 4, it's a great way to get some nice resources. You want to find some of the best treasure as soon as possible, in order to get through the game quickly and constantly unlock new areas.

In this guide, we'll go over all of the best treasure you can find in Pikmin 4, from where they are to how to grab them, and what you get for doing so. This should serve as a base of information to get as much as possible quickly into the game. With more treasure comes more Sparklium, so it's always helpful to grab.

What is the best treasure in Pikmin 4?

Check out our table below to see all the best treasure to collect in Pikmin 4, as well as where you can find it, and how much Sparklium you'll get for harvesting it!

Treasure name Value Location
Condensed Sunshine (jam jar)180 SparkliumDream Home
Wayward Moon (large melon)200 SparkliumBlossoming Arcadia
Crimson Banquet (watermelon)200 SparkliumSerene Shores
Time Marker (ringing bell)180 SparkliumSecluded Courtyard
Double Dragon-Eyed Scope (binoculars)180 SparkliumSun-Speckled Terrace
Giant's Fossil (Moai monolith statue)450 SparkliumSerene Shores
Lamp of Inspiration (Statue of Liberty)300 SparkliumSerene Shores
Unfinished Statue300 SparkliumCavern for a King
Winged Freedom Sculpture (GameCube controller)300 SparkliumUltimate Testing Range
A group of Pikmin carrying a pair of binoculars in Pikmin 4.
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How to collect treasure in Pikmin 4

Fortunately, it's very easy to collect treasure in Pikmin 4. Each item will display a number above it, indicating how many Pikmin are required to carry it.

Then, it's a simple case of summoning enough Pikmin to lift the treasure, when they'll then automatically start carrying it towards your base. Of course, there could be obstacles or enemies in the way, so you and your remaining forces will need to clear a path so you can harvest the Sparklium.

Why do I need to collect treasure in Pikmin 4?


Collecting treasure in Pikmin 4 is really important, because it's the only way to harvest Sparklium. This isn't a resource used to purchase items, but rather acts as your progression level. As you make your way through the story mode in Pikmin 4, you'll need to hit various Sparklium milestones to unlock new areas to progress. That's why you've got to collect as much treasure as possible.

That's all the best treasure you can find in Pikmin 4. Now that you know how it works, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here's how to rewind in Pikmin 4, all side missions in Pikmin 4, and how to customise your character in Pikmin 4. For even more information, check out our Pikmin 4 preview.

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