Persona 5 Royal Confidant gifts - Best gifts for each character

Joker giving Kasumi a bunch of flowers in Persona 5 Royal

Joker giving Kasumi a bunch of flowers in Persona 5 Royal

Time is limited in Persona 5, and you'll need to use it wisely! Here is our guide to all the Persona 5 Royal Confidant gifts you could possibly give, including which to prioritise for each friend, where to buy them, and which ones provide romantic relationship bonuses.

Originally, in 'vanilla' Persona 5, Joker could only give gifts to the female romance options, and no male characters. This whole system was overhauled in Royal, allowing Joker to give gifts to most Confidants to improve their relationship.

Here's our review of it on Nintendo Switch to help you choose how to play it next. You might find yourself questioning which Confidants to prioritise too, so check out our guide to make it easier, or which Palaces there are in the game - including Kaneshiro and his pesky codes.

Persona 5 Royal Confidant gift guide

Giving thoughtfully picked gifts to your friends, lovers, and acquaintances can help raise their Confidant rank without having to do hang-out events all the time. The gifts we have listed here will add either two or three points to their rank.

Certain Confidants don't like specific gifts, so it will be a wasted effort. As such, you need to make sure to match the right gifts with the right person to maximise their rank efficiently.

Some Confidants can't be given gifts. These include the Street Orator, the twins Justine and Caroline, Mishima, Sae Niijima, Morgana, and Igor in the Velvet Room.

Joker and Ryuji hanging out playing darts in Kichijoji in Persona 5 Royal
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Ryuji Sakamoto

Ryuji, as a track runner, prefers some sportier items and food. The silver bangle will also add three points to his relationship.

  • +3: Silver bangle, cup noodles set, wrist weights, sports sunglasses, dragon sword keychain
  • +2: Truffles, super noisy alarm clock

Ann Takamaki

Ann is a potential romantic relationship candidate and prefers appearance-based gifts, given that she is a model.

  • +3: Star mirror, Uji Matcha flan, castella, face beautifier, crimson lipstick
  • +2: Wrist weights, super noisy alarm clock, designer perfume

Yusuke Kitagawa

As an art student, Yusuke appreciates any creative items. He doesn't want the silver bangle though, unlike other male friends.

  • +3: Watercolour postcard, castella, truffles, glass vase, robot vacuum
  • +2: Cup noodles set

Makoto Niijima

Makoto is surprisingly easy to give big-winning gifts to. Most easily attainable gifts will give +3 to her rank.

  • +3: Mini Cactus, Flower basket, black mug, fountain pen, motorbike figure, book cover, designer perfume,
  • +2: Super noisy alarm clock

Futaba Sakura

Futaba prefers tech-related or decorative items for her room, mostly bought in Akihabara.

  • +3: Snack pack, motorbike figure, local mascot set
  • +2: Robot vacuum, super noisy alarm clock

Haru Okumura

Sweet Haru, of the Okumura Foods family, doesn't prefer too many items to get a big boost. Thankfully we can stock up on plenty of +2 rewards.

  • +3: Glass vase, flower basket, truffles, book cover,
  • +2: Snack pack, mini cactus, local mascot set, motorbike figure, omni-vitamins, dragon sword keychain

Goro Akechi

Akechi has expensive taste, and though it is odd to give him a toothbrush, it will work wonders for your relationship.

  • +3: Silver bangle, Omni-vitamin, electric toothbrush
  • +2: 48-sided puzzle, wrist weights, sports sunglasses, luxury aroma set, fountain pen, leather pen case, robot vacuum

Kasumi Yoshizawa

Added in Royal, Kasumi Yoshizawa is a new student to Shujin and a gymnast. Her gift options mostly revolve around items that would be perfect for a relaxing evening after training.

  • +3: Luxury aroma set, crimson lipstick, designer perfume, face beautifier
  • +2: Star mirror, Omni-Vitamin, black mug, sakura fan, local mascot set

Sojiro Sakura

Leblanc's owner and the man that agreed to take you in is easy-going Sojiro. He appreciates some classic gifts, or stationary.

  • +3: Silver bangle, fountain pen, leather pen case, truffles, castella
  • +2: Omni-vitamin, electric toothbrush

Tae Takemi

Tae Takemi runs the clinic in Yongen Jaya, and gets a big boost from mostly cheaper items - or the robot vacuum.

  • +3: Mini cactus, black mug, robot vacuum
  • +2: Sakura fan, castella, electric toothbrush, designer perfume, truffles, classical hits

Sadayo Kawakami

As a busy teacher, Kawakami actually likes the alarm clock. Other items include bric-a-brac and food.

  • +3: Star mirror, truffles, super noisy alarm clock, crimson lipstick
  • +2: 48-sided puzzle, luxury aroma set, idol pins, castella, designer perfume

Takuto Maruki

Maruki is another new character to Royal, and is the school councillor. He, like Kawakami, prefers the alarm clock and other helpful items.

  • +3: Super noisy alarm clock, mini cactus, Omni-vitamins, fountain pen
  • +2: Cup noodles set, luxury aroma set, sports sunglasses

Munehisa Iwai

The owner of the model gun shop Iwai doesn't have a long list of preferred gifts but will accept some things.

  • +3: Silver bangle, robot vacuum, electric toothbrush
  • +2: Super noisy alarm clock, cup noodles set

Shinya Oda

Shinya is found in the arcade, protecting his title on the Gun About game. As a younger person, he prefers items like toys and keychains.

  • +3: Silver bangle, katana keychain, dragon sword keychain, motorbike figure, truffles
  • +2: Super noisy alarm clock, castella, cup noodles set

Ichiko Ohya

Tokyo's very own paparazzi is Ohya, who is the only person who appreciates the digital camera item.

  • +3: Black mug, fountain pen, digital camera, super noisy alarm clock
  • +2: Mini cactus, sakura fan, Uji matcha flan,

Chihaya Mifune

Found in Shinjuku at night is fortune teller Chihaya. She prefers delicate items.

  • +3: Star mirror, flower basket, local mascot set
  • +2: Glass vase, kitchen tools set, book cover, castella, super noisy alarm clock

Hifumi Togo

This famous Shogi player appreciates some of the finer things, but won't say no to a gift of food.

  • +3: Luxury aroma set, black mug, Sakura fan, fountain pen, designer perfume
  • +2: Glass vase, mochi cushion, Uji matcha flan, book cover

Persona 5 Royal romance option gifts

Most female Confidants can eventually become romantic relations with Joker, including all the Phantom Thieves girls, the doctor, the teacher, and the Shogi player.

Two items cannot be given as a gift until you already have a romantic relationship with the person in question. These are the heart ring, and the Bath of Roses. They are available from Tsurukame Diamond and Flower Shop Sukebe respectively.

Both items are pricey, but add significantly to the relationship of who you choose to give them to. Here is who will benefit most from each item:

Heart ring:

  • +3: Kasumi, Ann, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, Kawakami

Bath of roses:

  • +3: Ann, Makoto, Hifumi, Kasumi
  • +2: Haru, Takemi, Kawakami
Fox and Panther's all-out-attack screen in Persona 5 Royal.
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Where to purchase Confidant gifts in Persona 5 Royal

There are four main shopping districts in Persona 5 Royal that have gifts for sale. They are the Shibuya station Underground Mall, Shinjuku, Akihabara, and Shibuya's Central Street. You won't need to hang around in Yongen Jaya to get presents for the Thieves.

Below is a detailed table of which gifts can be found at each retailer:

Flower Shop Sukebe
Flower basket, Bath of Roses (Rose bouqet), mini cactus
General Store - Mran Mran
Black mug, kitchen tools set, 48-sided puzzle, star mirror, mochi cushion
Stationery Store Mitsubachi Bungu
Watercolour postcard, fountain pen, leather pen case
Tsurukame Diamond
Underground Mall, Shibuya Station
Silver bangle, heart ring
Taisho Supermarket
Underground Mall, Shibuya Station
Truffles, Uji matcha flan, Castella
Body Chop
Underground Mall, Shibuya Station
Crimson lipstick, luxury aroma set, designer perfume,
Next Ace Sports Shop
Underground Mall, Shibuya Station
Sports sunglasses, wrist weights,
High Sense Japanese Sundries
Underground Mall, Shibuya Station
Glass vase, Book cover, Sakura fan
Rocinante Discount Store
Central Street, Shibuya
Omni-vitamins, cup noodle set, snack pack
Akindo Electronics
Robot vacuum, super loud alarm clock, face beautifier, digital camera, electric toothbrush
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