Persona 5 Royal Kaneshiro Palace codes - How to solve the puzzle

Kaneshiro as a human fly in Persona 5 Royal

Kaneshiro as a human fly in Persona 5 Royal

Now that we're all back in the Metaverse as the Phantom Thieves, it's time to refresh ourselves on some of the more puzzling parts of Persona 5 Royal. Here are the Kaneshiro Palace codes that you'll need to advance through it.

Junya Kaneshiro is the owner of the third palace you come to in Persona 5 Royal, in the month of June. He's not a nice person, and tries to blackmail the Phantom Thieves as they investigate his deeds. This palace is where we gain Makoto Niijima as a teammate, who provides hefty damage with her Persona, Johanna.

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How to translate the Kaneshiro Palace codes in Persona 5 Royal

On your way through the palace, you'll come across Kaneshiro's journal left behind after a battle with his peons, and a few loose pages with writing on them.

Kaneshiro's journal has the following written:

  • R = C = 0, I = 1, H = 2

The loose pages have the following:

  • Page 1 - P = 1
  • Page 2 - E = 9, A = 3
  • Page 3 - U = A
  • Page 4 - G = P
  • Page 5 - O + H = 10
  • Page 6 - L = U + G, D = G

We can use the journal and six torn-out page items to work out which letters correspond to which numbers on the keypad, and then use that when we arrive at each new keypad to figure out the four-digit codes.

The six pages can be found in their ascending order inside the golden piggy bank statues, or as treasure inside the dungeon that you naturally come to as you adventure forward.

Completing the dungeon and the vault will lead you to Kaneshiro's treasure, where you will face off against him as a humanoid fly, armed with a giant piggy bank named Piggytron.

A code control panel in Kaneshiro's Palace in Persona 5 Royal
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What are Kaneshiro's Palace codes in Persona 5 Royal?

The last stage of Kaneshiro's palace is a giant Underground Vault Safe Room, consisting of circular layers. Each of these layers must be opened via a security door, which all have different codes. There are keypads on each door, each with a four-letter word written on them. The first is RICH, the second REAP, then HUGE, and finally GOLD. These all have to do with Kaneshiro's actions and what he prioritises in life.

Here are the codes you'll need to open the doors:

  • Panel 1 - RICH - 0102
  • Panel 2 - REAP - 0931
  • Panel 3 - HUGE - 2319
  • Panel 4 - GOLD - 1841
Kaneshiro's mechanical Piggytron weapon in Persona 5 Royal
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What is Kaneshiro's Palace?

Kaneshiro's palace is easily recognisable as a huge, heavily guarded bank. It floats above the city, which is filled with humans that look like ATM machines. Money is being constantly sucked up into the palace, and the Phantom Thieves can only gain access once they have become known to Kaneshiro by becoming targets.

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