Persona 5 Royal Confidants - Who are the best companions?

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Official Persona 5 Royal splash art of the characters in their costumes.

Persona 5's popularity and the Phantom Thieves' adventures aren't done yet! The game has just released across all major platforms, so let's dive back in and take a look at the Persona 5 Royal Confidants available to us in the game.

Each confidant character in Persona 5 Royal has a different schedule, and won't be available all the time. Juggling this, school, jobs, and Metaverse exploration can be tricky. Pay attention to what each confidant's ranks will give you, and plan your choices accordingly. Some give bonus skill points, others provide Palace exploration help, and others can reduce prices in their shops.

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All Persona 5 Royal Confidants

Here is a quick rundown of each confidant, including who it is, which card they are represented by, and what they offer.

Character Who are they Confidant How to unlock confidant How to rank up Rank up bonus
Igor Velvet Room masterThe FoolAutomatically unlockedAutomatic with storyShadow negotiation, Velvet Room bonuses, Third Eye sense
Ryuji SakamotoPhantom ThiefThe ChariotAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterChance to Insta-Kill shadows, increases stealth in Palaces
Anne TakamakiPhantom ThiefThe LoversAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterChance to cancel enemy attacks, can retry negotiations
MorganaPhantom ThiefThe MagicianAutomatically unlockedAutomatic with storyUnlock infiltration tools, ability to steal items
Sojiro SakuraLeblanc ownerThe HierophantUnlockable after Kamoshida's Palace is clearedHang out with characterUnlocks coffee and curry making
Yusuke Kitagawa Phantom ThiefThe EmperorAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterUnlocks skill card duplication and creation, chance to perform follow-up attacks
Caroline and Justine Velvet Room attendantsStrengthAutomatically unlockedComplete Fusion tasksVelvet Room benefits like triple fusion, pay for stronger Personas, and reduces cost
Tae Takemi DoctorDeathVisit the clinic and speak to TaeHang out with characterMore purchasable items in clinic, cost discount, increases Guts stat
Sadayo Kawakami School teacherTemperanceCan begin after Madarame's palace, approach Mishima in Shibuya Central Street at nightHang out with characterCan perform activities while in classes, ability to go out at night, Sadayo can brew coffee and do other tasks for you
Kasumi Yoshizawa School studentFaithAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterChance to avoid being surrounded in Palace, grows max HP, can ambush with the grappling hook,
Takuto MarukiStudent councillorCouncillorAutomatically unlockedHang out with character, rank 10 automaticGrows max SP, chance to gain Charge or Concentrate in battle, chance to restore SP
Sae Niijima ProsecutorJudgmentAutomatically unlockedAutomatic with story-
Makoto Niijima Phantom ThiefThe PriestessAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterShows null, repel, and drain elements in battle, can see skills on analysis screen
Toranosuke Yoshida Street oratorThe SunWork two shifts at the Beef Bowl Shop in Shibuya, and listen to Yoshida outside the stationHang out with characterChance to ask for more in negotiations, rank 10 allows you to use high level shadows.
Yuuki Mishima School studentThe MoonAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterTeam mates can earn XP when not in party, unlocks Mementos requests
Ichiko OhyaReporterThe DevilMake a deal with her at the Crossroads Bar in ShinjukuHang out with characterDecreases security levels in palace, lowers with further ranks
Shinya Oda Arcade game championThe TowerUnlocked via the "Winners Don't Use Cheats" Mementos requestHang out with characterCan perform knock down shots, gun-based All-Out Attack unlocked, increase gun damage
Hifumi TogoShogi playerThe StarMust reach rank 2 with Yusuke, and reach Charm level 3. Then, you can go and find Hifumi in Kanda.Hang out with characterCan swap out party members during Joker's turn, chance for follow-up moves, chance for double battle cash, chance to escape being surrounded
Chihaya Mifune Fortune tellerFortuneVisit Chihaya in Shinjuku at night, after June 22. Purchase the Holy Stone, and return to her Hang out with characterUnlocks readings for buffs to money earning or skill growth, can trigger fusion alarm
Munehisa Iwai Model gun shop ownerThe Hanged ManRaise Guts stat to 4 and visit the model gun shop. Hang out with characterUnlocks gun customisation, Proficiency points, cost decrease in store
Futaba Sakura Phantom ThiefThe HermitAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterChance to heal in battle, chance to unlock Mementos floor maps, chance to perform instant Hold-Up
Haru Okumura Phantom ThiefThe EmpressAutomatically unlockedHang out with characterGrow vegetables in school garden, then decreases time
Goro AkechiDetectiveJusticeAutomatically unlockedHang out with character, rank 9 and 10 are automaticChance to reveal enemy affinities in battle, unlocks Jazz Club

All of your on-field teammates have the same perks that unlock in later ranks. Namely, they have a chance to endure fatal attacks, a chance to shield Joker, and can perform a healing move. They will also receive two Persona transformations when their rank is maxed out in each semester.

How to max out Akechi's Confidant

Look away now if you don't want spoilers until you reach this point in the game!

Still here? Good. Akechi is a problematic character in terms of story. You will need to reach rank 8 of his confidant in order to access the true ending of the game.

To do this, look for the following options in dialogue, and choose them:

  • During rank 7's hangout, choose "You're my rival".
  • During rank 8's hangout, beat him in battle, and then choose "I accept".
  • After the events of Shido's Palace, tell him "I want to keep our promise".

Choosing these correctly will unlock the correct endings, and keep Akechi around.

Image of eight black-and-white characters in Persona 5 Royal.
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What are Persona 5 Royal Confidants?

Confidants are friends and allies that you form bonds with during the story of Persona 5 Royal. Usually, when Joker first has a meaningful moment or experience with a character, the screen explaining their confidant will arise and the first rank will unlock. From there, further ranks will unlock extra perks, rewards, or skills for you to use.

Generally speaking, to rank up your confidants, you need to check which are available on the map, and go hang out with them. Some dialogue options can upgrade your rank quicker, but you'll get there no matter which you choose. By the way - unlocking later confidant with female characters will unlock a romance option, but don't feel obligated to go down that route.


A couple of them rank up automatically with the story, like Morgana and Igor, so you don't need to think about them. You'll need to pick the rest carefully, though.

Screenshot of all the female confidants in Persona 5 Royal
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Which Confidants should I prioritise in Persona 5 Royal?

To begin, you will want to prioritise Kasumi, Maruki, and Akechi's confidants. They are important to the story, and are needed to unlock the 'Royal' part of the game: the third semester.

Other than that, the best confidant rewards come from Shinya in the arcade, Iwai at the model gun shop, Hifumi the shogi player, and Ryuji. Mishima's rewards unlock Mementos requests, so are highly suggested, too. Kawakami, in the final rank reward, will allow you to venture out at night, giving you another time slot to fill with activities. This is highly recommended, though a slog to get to.

Sojiro's coffee and curry is a big help if you don't have time to go shopping for items, and Yusuke's card creation is a bonus for those who frequently use them. Tae Takemi's clinic shop is another helpful location, and her confidant rewards will add more stock of healing items.

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