Palia Villager gifts guide - Best presents for each NPC

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Ashura from Palia manning his store.

Making sense of the best Palia villager gifts can be a struggle. Like other games of its type, each of the two dozen or so characters you'll come across as you travel around Kilima and Bahari can be your friend. And gifts are the best way to convince them you're a good human. But knowing what they like without wasting valuable resources can be difficult. That's where the table below comes in.

For the most part, you'll get a general idea of a Palia character's likes and dislikes just by talking to them. The more you check in, the more you learn of their interests and hobbies, making gift-giving a little easier. But you'll still get things wrong. And they won't give those unwanted gifts back.

Palia Village gifts - The best presents for each NPC

Note that the below Palia presents table lists past weekly gifts confirmed by players on various community gathering spots like Reddit and Discord.

The best Palia character gifts change by the week, but they all tend to stick to their general likes and dislikes. That means the exact gift you give them might not be the best one to advance your friendship, but they'll certainly not hate you for it. Some characters can even like the same items as another character.

Character Has liked Has loved
AshuraSilver Salmon, Stickleback, Channel Catfish, Prism TroutFish Stew, Trout Dinner, Pinecone, Hearty Veggie Soup
AuniWaterlogged Boot, Garden Snail, Brushtail Dragonfly, Bahari Bee Hairy Millipede, Apple Pie, Apple
BadruuTomato, HydratePro Fertilizer, Onion, HarvestBoost Fertilizer Ramen, Azure Stonehopper, Blueberry Seed
CaleriShell, Silk, Silk Cloth, CoralBahari Glowbug, Chapaa Masala
ChayneCarrot Seed, Rice Seed Green Pearl, Pearl
DelailaChannel Catfish, QualityUp FertilizerScarlet Koi, Gold Bar
EinarSilver Salmon, Yellow PerchFlow Infused Plank, Vampire Crab, Radiant Sunfish
ElouisaCalico Koi, Cerulean CicadaBeluga Sturgeon, Gossamer Veil Moth , Green Pearl
EsheChapaa Fur, Silk Gold Bar
HassianLeather, BrightshroomIron Bar
HeklaGrilled Mushroom, Smallmouth Bass, Painted PerchTrout Dinner, Celebration Cake
HodariStone Brick, Sernuk Noodle StewIron Ore
JelEyeless Minnow, Striped Chapaa TailPearl, Willow Lampray
JinaWagon Wheel, Cotton, Brightshroom, Ship FragmentMutated Angler Radiant Sunfish, Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly
KenliChapaa Meat, Garden LadybugAzure Chapaa Tail, Gold Bar
KenyattaCrystal Lake Lotus, Inky DragonflyAlligator Gar, Fairy Mantis
Nai'oCopper Ore, Copper BarHoney Loach, Blueberry Pie
NajumaSernuk Meat, Creamy Carrot SoupRaspberry Beetle, Dari Clove
RethGrilled Meat, Iron Ore, OnionSilver Ore, Apple, Fireworks Arrow
SifuuEmerald Carpet Moss, BrightshroomRadiant Sunfish
TamalaSundrop Lily, Heartwood PlankPearl, Green Pearl
TishGrilled Fish, Golden SalmonFried Catfish Dinner, Green Pearl
ZekiSilvery Minnow, Fish Stew Gold Ore, Silk Thread
A screenshot showing how to give gifts to NPCs in Palia.
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How to give gifts in Palia

You can give gifts in Palia simply by talking to the character you wish to hand a present to. Just find them on the map, speak to them, and use the little present icon in the bottom-left (above the gift request button) when they're ready for a gift. If it's blanked out, go through their dialogue options first.

Once you click the button, your inventory will automatically open. Right-click on the item you'd like to give them to hand it over. If it's part of a stack, you'll hand over just one. You don't need to split the stacks beforehand.


How to know what a character wants in Palia

By using the button in the bottom-left corner when talking to a character, you can get them to spill the beans on what a character wants this week. Some NPCs will infer what another character wants, while they may sometimes state what they themselves would like to receive. If you're ever unsure, just ask around.

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