How to fix Error 423 in Palia

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Jina, a character who could probably fix the 423 error code in Palia.

Getting pesky error codes whenever you try to live your best farming life? Here's how to fix error 423 in Palia so that you can keep growing your basic carrots and working toward that big house. It's a common fault that isn't necessarily caused by player popularity. Instead, it's a cryptic way for the game to say it just isn't ready for you right now.

Error codes in games are nothing new. Live service titles all spit out error codes for various different reasons, and either direct you to a website to decode them or just outright refuse to elaborate on what they mean, leading you to try every convoluted process under the sun in a vain attempt to fix it. And error 423 in Palia is one of those kinds of error codes.

How to fix error 423 in Palia

To remedy the 423 error code in Palia, you realistically just have to play the waiting game.

It isn't caused by a break in your internet connection or any sort of issue on your end. You can't fix it. Instead, it's actually the code used to point out that the Palia servers aren't accessible. Again, through no fault of your own. You're attempting to make the connection—the server just won't allow it.

Getting error code 423 in Palia simply means the servers are down. And not due to an outage or an overload. As staff member Melbelle explained on the Palia Discord during the closed beta, error code 423 simply means the Palia servers are in maintenance.

There isn't always a time and date set for their return, but you can find the details (if available) on the Discord.

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