Palia Ancient Battery riddle solution - How to solve "that which gives life"

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The inside of the area revealed after solving the Palia Ancient Battery riddle.

Struggling to figure out the Palia Ancient Battery riddle solution? Maybe you haven't even found the quest yet and you're just wondering what this little mystery is all about. Either way, you'll want to know the answer one way or another. It's one of the game's first proper puzzles. You just might not need to solve it if you're too busy spending your days out on the farm.

Being a cozy game by design, you can take on much of Palia at your own pace. Quests are in abundance, yet there's nothing stopping you from ignoring the vast majority of them to focus on your craft: whether that's gathering items to supply to other players, or farming the best crops to drop into your sale pail.

Palia Ancient Battery riddle solution

Before we give it all way, let's just recap a few of the important details regarding the Ancient Battery quest:

How to get the Ancient Battery quest in Palia

As soon as you step foot on your own personal plot of land, you'll be introduced to the idea of foraging for items. As you start to clear up the plot, you might notice the "Ancient... Thing" item appear in the list of gathered materials when you break a rock or tree. That's the first step to unlocking the Ancient Battery quest.

Use the dialogue options to show Auni the item, who'll then direct you back to Jina, who you met at the very start of the game. This kicks off the Mysterious Object quest.

A map showing the location of the Palia Ancient Battery riddle room.
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Show Jina the item and she'll take it off your hands. Before long, you'll get some mail from her at your plot. She's figured out that it's a relic from human history. It's known as a Flow Battery and she wants you now to go to the door just right of the chamber she found you in behind the waterfall.

How to solve the Ancient Battery riddle

Once you've used the Ancient Battery to open the door, you'll come across a large dragon statue just beyond a small ritual bowl. The statue's plaque includes a riddle.

A character solving the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia.
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The answer to the Ancient Battery riddle in Palia is quite simple. "That which gives life" relates to water. Use your watering can to fill the ritual bowl in the middle of the chamber to solve it. You can fill your watering can via the bodies of water in the room if you need more.

With that, the statue will move aside, revealing a whole new area you might not be able to explore just yet. Talk to Jina again by the bowl to complete the quest. Check your mail again soon, however: the story isn't over.

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