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Stardew Valley Character Hub NPCs

Each Stardew Valley character has their own life and personality, so when you arrive in Pelican Town to rebuild your grandfather's farm, you'll want to start interacting with them. Most importantly, you'll want to build your own relationships with them. Therefore we've created this handy guide to give you all the information you could need about the NPCs of Stardew Valley.

All Stardew Valley characters and their ages

Stardew Valley characters' ages all remain the same, no matter how many years your farm is active. However, we only have approximations for their true ages, so we've compiled them into the handy table below.

Age Character
Over 55Mayor Lewis, George, Evelyn, Linus, Rasmodius the Wizard
Over 40Pam, Gus, Pierre, Demetrius, Kent, Jodi, Clint, Robin, Caroline, Marnie, Willy
28-35Harvey, Emily, Sandy, Shane, Leah, Elliott,
19-24Sam, Maru, Alex, Sebastian, Penny, Abigail, Haley

What is the best character to marry in Stardew Valley?

A number of these NPCs are actually eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. The community of Stardew Valley is void of any sexual orientation or preference, meaning you can therefore marry whomever you want. Provided you can persuade them to, of course.

Each Stardew Valley character comes with their own room at your farmhouse, and this means they also offer certain perks to you and your farm once they become your spouse. So it depends on your playstyle and the things you have a greater need for when deciding who to marry. Alternatively, you could of course just marry and divorce everyone in quick succession. We've created a handy table below that details what marriage with each NPC looks like.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Spousal gifts
AbigailSolar Essence, Bat Wing, Void Essence, Amethyst, Fire Quartz, Tom Kha Soup, Trout Soup, Chowder, Lobster Bisque, Bomb, Cherry Bomb, Fried Mushroom, Crab Cakes, Parsnip Soup
AlexOmelet, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Survival Burger, Dish O' the Sea, Fried Eel, Crispy Bass, Baked Fish
EliottCoffee, Baked Fish, Fried Calamari, Chowder, Fish Stew, Wine
EmilyRice Pudding, Cookie, Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cake, Cloth, Duck Feather, Wool, Refined Quartz, Bean Hotpot, Coffee, Omni Geode, Refined Quartz, Bean Hotpot
HaleyFried Egg, Omelet, Cookie, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Bread, Blueberry Tart, Poppyseed Muffin, Maple Bar, Chowder, Egglant Parmesan, Parsnip Soup, Bean Hotpot
HarveySalmon Dinner, Complete Breakfast, Crispy Bass, Fried Eel, Vegetable Medley, Carp Surprise
LeahCoffee, Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion, Cactus Fruit, Fiddlehead Fern, Spice Berry, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Morel, Red Mushroom, Wine
MaruCherry Bomb, Bomb, Crab Cakes, Fried Mushrooms, Rice Pudding, Cookies, Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cake, Quality Fertilizer, Farm Warp Totem, Refined Quartz, Gate
PennyOmelet, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Egg, Large Milk, Geode, Mixed Seeds, Crispy Bass, Salmon Dinner, Carp Surprise, Fried Eel, Vegetable Medley
SamPizza, Pancakes, Coconut, Cactus Fruit, Geode, Earth Crystal
SebastianObsidian, Void Essence, Coffee, Bat Wing, Frozen Tear, Amethyst, Cave Carrot, Beer
ShaneOmelet, Pizza, Pepper Poppers, Beer, Large Egg, Pale Ale, Void Egg, Pepper Poppers

These spousal gifts mirror the Stardew Valley character's favourite gifts to receive. So after you've spent time romancing them, you'll have a good idea as to what you might receive in return once you're married.

All character locations

Stardew Valley characters all live their own lives in their own homes. However, some family units live together, and some have their own places. So we've created a handy table below that details where in the valley your NPCs live, as well as their frequent hang-out spots. Additionally, you can view the town on the map and hover your cursor over each house, so that it gives you the address.

Character Home Location Frequently found
AbigailPierre's General StoreWorks out in the back of the store, but she also visits the Beach and the Forest.
Alex1 River RoadHe can be found next to a tree to the right of his house, or he hangs out with his dog at the dog pen.
CarolinePierre's General StoreCaroline spends most of her time at the store, but sometimes hangs out at the back with her friends.
ClintBlacksmithNormally in his blacksmith store, but normally goes to the saloon once it's closed.
Demetrius24 Mountain RoadHe occasionally spends time at the Lake near the Mines or near the fountain below the Community Centre.
ElliottBeachHe can be found at the Beach, but sometimes at the bridge leading to the Beach from the Town Square.
Emily2 Willow LaneSpends most of her time at home, but then goes to work at the saloon when it opens.
EvelynEast HomeMostly in her home with George, though additionally takes a stroll around the Town Square each day.
GeorgeEast HomeCan be mostly found watching TV at home, but sometimes goes to the Clinic for a check up.
GusTrailerAlmost always at the saloon or his home.
Haley2 Willow LaneSometimes goes to the Beach, Marnie's Ranch to take photos, or hangs out by the fountain just below the Community Centre.
HarveyClinicMostly at the Clinic, but occasionally heads to the fountain below the Community Centre.
JasMarnie's RanchVisits the museum.
Jodi1 Willow LaneUsually at home.
LeahCabinLeah moves around a lot, and can be found at Pierre’s General Store, the Bar, the Beach, and the pond West of her home.
LewisMayor's ManorMostly at home, but sometimes can be found near Pierre's General Store.
LinusYellow TentSpends most of his time by the Mountain Lake where his tent is, but can also be found by the Spa or in the saloon.
MarnieMarnie's RanchMostly at her ranch, but she attends aerobics in the back of Pierre's General Store or she ventures East to the museum.
Maru24 Mountain RoadWorks at Harvey's Clinic as a nurse.
PamTrailerSpends most of her time walking around Town or at the saloon.
PennyTrailerMoves a lot between her home, the river behind JojaMart, East of Haley’s home, and the Library.
PierrePierre's General StoreNormally at work but can be found at the saloon once his store closes for the day.
Robin24 Mountain RoadNormally at home but can be found at the saloon after her Carpenter Shop shuts.
Sam1 Willow LaneHe can be found working at Joja Mart, at his home, or walking around Town.
Sebastian24 Mountain RoadNormally at home, but can be found at the Lake or walking around town.
ShaneMarnie's RanchWorks at Joja Mart, but spends most of his time at the saloon once his shift finishes.
Vincent1 Willow LaneRegularly visits the museum.
WillyBeachCan be found at the Beach, but can be found in the saloon once his shop closes.
Rasmodius the WizardWizard TowerCan be found in the Tower in the Forest.

Character gifts

Gifting is a huge part of interacting with the NPCs of Stardew Valley. For example, you can form friendships, offend those that have annoyed you, or even form a romantic relationship with them if you try hard enough. Additionally, each Stardew Valley character adheres to universally liked or disliked gifts, but there are a number of items specific to each character. So, whether they love them or hate them, you can check out our extensive guide to gifting in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley character Sebastian receives a loved gift
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Sebastian receives a loved gift

Stardew Valley character birthdays

Each character in ConfusedApe's infamous farming RPG has a birthday that can be celebrated with a gift. In short, this works wonders if you're trying to build up your friendship status with someone, or if you're trying to woo them enough to get them down the aisle. But since there are so many NPCs to keep track of, so it's worth keeping an eye on when their birthdays are approaching.

Stardew Valley character birthday
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Surprise! Happy birthday!

You can find a full calendar outside of Pierre's General Store that highlights birthdays as well as important festival dates. But if you want to ensure your yearly social events are accounted for, you can have a look at our table below detailing each character's birthday per season.

Character Birthday
KentSpring 4
Mayor LewisSpring 7
VincentSpring 10
HaleySpring 14
PamSpring 18
ShaneSpring 20
PierreSpring 26
EmilySpring 27
JasSummer 4
GusSummer 8
MaruSummer 10
AlexSummer 13
SamSummer 17
DemetriusSummer 19
WillySummer 24
PennyFall 2
ElliottFall 5
JodiFall 11
AbigailFall 13
MarnieFall 18
RobinFall 21
GeorgeFall 24
LinusWinter 3
CarolineWinter 7
SebastianWinter 10
HarveyWinter 14
Rasmodius the WizardWinter 17
EvelynWinter 20
LeahWinter 23
ClintWinter 26

So, there's our extensive guide to all the Stardew Valley characters! We'll be constantly updating this character hub with any new additions, and if you're looking for even more information then be sure to check out our Stardew Valley walkthrough hub. Alternatively, if you're looking to start a farm with your friends then check out our Stardew Valley multiplayer guide. See you on the farm!

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