How to complete the Open the Door quest in Palia - Sands of Time riddle solution

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By completing the Open the Door quest in Palia, you can unlock the Mirror Pond Ruins.

If you're following along with the main quest in Palia, you'll soon come across the Open the Door quest. It's a tricky one that builds upon previous riddles, confuddling you with another–more elaborate–one, and we're going to cover how to complete the Open the Door quest in Palia to take the stress away from running back and forth, potentially spending hundreds of gold on fast travel just to get a dud.

Because getting around Palia can be a bit of a chore even with a glider, we figured we'd make the process of completing the main story quests a little easier. As such, you'll find a complete walkthrough for the sixth main quest down below. It takes some time to reach this point, so don't be ashamed of looking for some pointers. You've earned a brain break.

How to complete the Open the Door quest in Palia

Once you've completed a quest simply called "The Key" along the chain that carries on from the Ancient Battery quest, you should soon get a letter from Jina that kick-stars the Open the Door quest. If you don't, focus on getting level three Friendship with her instead. This should trigger the quest if you haven't managed that with her already.

The letter asks you to meet Jina at the ruins, but you'll be able to talk to her and progress the quest no matter where you see her next. If she's in town, speak to her there. Just select the "Any luck with the key?" dialogue choice.

She'll tell you that while the key had an effect on the Mirror Lake Ruins door, it didn't open. After a bit of chit-chat, Jina will try something else. Just wait for her next letter and speak to her again.

Interacting with the correct triangle plaque on the town fountain will progress the Open the Door Palia quest.
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The second riddle will allude to water yet again. The solution to this is actually one of the small triangles along the base of the fountain in the middle of town. Get close enough to a specific one and you'll be prompted to read the "Old Inscription."

The inscription reads, among other things, that you need to "find a stone that represents the sands of time" and "slip that gem into the hilt of your key."

A Pearl, obtained via Unopened Oysters, is the solution to the third major riddle in Palia.
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What stone represents the sands of time in Palia? - Third riddle solution

If you got lucky with the five oysters given to you early in the game, you'll have the solution for the third Palia riddle in your storage somewhere—a pearl.

As Jina will explain when you see her after acquiring one, pearls are made up of sand compressed over a long period of time, making a pearl the perfect literal solution to the riddle.

Pearls have a small chance of dropping when you open unopened oysters. If you need more, head to Bahari Beach or use the Request feature to ask other players for donations.

How to get Jina's key to the Mirror Lake Ruins


Crack open the oysters until you get a Pearl and head back to Jina. Once she pieces the key and the pearl together, she'll give you the item to unlock the Mirror Pond Ruins door and complete the quest.

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