How to get Leather in Palia - Crafting and gathering steps

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Gliding in Palia after gathering Leather.

Not sure how to get leather in Palia? It's one of the first materials you'll struggle to source just by wandering around. For the most part, Palia villagers provide you with what you need for early quests. And if they don't, they'll tell you how to get it. When it comes to making the glider, however, you're largely left to your own devices.

There are two ways to get the Palia leather you'll first need to complete the 'Like a Bird' quest, which we'll go through down below. Just note that each method requires quite a bit of in-game cash. You should be able to get enough by selling any foraged materials you've collected thus far. Unless you've already started splashing out on furniture items at the store.

How to get Leather in Palia

To get Leather in Palia, you first need to decide the route you want to take. You can craft it by hand, or you can spend Gold Coins to speed things up and get that glider faster.

Leather in the Furniture Shop in Palia.
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You'll find the leather you need for the Palia Glider in Tish's Furniture Store. Just head over to the building in the town centre and buy the five you need. At around 60 Gold a piece, the necessary stack won't be cheap. Just run back to the general store if you need to sell some of your other items to earn enough coin.


If you want to save a little bit of money—and much more in the long term—you'll want to learn how to craft your own leather in Palia.

To do this, you'll first need to hit level 2 Furniture skill. You can do this by using the Workshop at your housing plot to build tables, chairs, dressers, and anything else you need for your home. Just craft low-material pieces using the wood and stone available on your plot.

Once you hit level two, you'll be able to buy the Fabric Loom recipe from Tish at the Furniture Store. You'll then just need the following items to make it:

  • 15 Sapwood Planks
  • 20 Plant Fibers
  • 2 Copper Bars
  • 5 Ceramic Blocks

Once you've made and placed the Fabric Loom, you'll be able to feed Sernuk Hide to make Leather.

Follow either of those two methods and you'll be able to tick off the leather requirements for the glider quest. If have the wood and fabric on hand, you'll be all set to take them back to Najuma for the glider.

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