Palia Sushi recipe location - Where to fish to find the craft

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Players fishing for the Palia sushi recipe.

Whether you're cooking it for yourself, a friend, a gift, or a weekly turn-in, you'll need to know the Palia Sushi recipe location to start making your own platters. Like most crafts in the game, you won't be able to piece a sushi dish together just by knowing the base ingredients. You need to unlock the ability to plate it all up.

Down below, we'll quickly go over how to get the sushi recipe in Palia and why you might want to seek it out sooner rather than later. Not only is it a great dish making the most of your caught fish, generally fetching a better sell value than its individual components, but it's a complicated potential weekly turn-in from time to time as well.

How to get the Sushi recipe in Palia

Going off the murmurings of the community, you won't learn how to make sushi in Palia simply by talking to the residents. You won't find the recipe on the ground or in a kitchen or book either.

Instead, you actually have to fish up the Palia sushi recipe yourself. It's in the water. We're fairly certain any body of water in the town or Bahari Bay has the chance of featuring the sushi recipe as a catch, but the most important thing appears to be your choice of bait.

A potential Palia sushi recipe location at the Family Farm pond.
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You'll have a chance of fishing up the Palia sushi recipe so long as you're using Glow Worms as bait. The confirmed locations are behind Hodari's house and behind Barduu's farm.

What is the Sushi recipe drop rate in Palia?


Though there's no real way to confirm the drop rate of the Palia sushi recipe just yet, it appears to be quite low. Some users reported using between 30 and 70 Glow Worms to fish it up, but your mileage will always vary.

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