How to find shells in Palia - Potential locations, rarity, and tips

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A shell in Palia.

Not sure how to find shells in Palia? No matter your reason for seeking them out, we're here to help you get them into your hands. They're a relatively rare item you'll need to rely on multiple times for quests, gifts, and money-making schemes. And knowing where (and when) to look can make all the difference in your shell-hunting endeavours.

As is the case with just about any item in Palia at the moment, the lowly shell serves a purpose. You'll likely end up selling the first few you come across if you're not far enough into the story to need them for another reason. If that's the case, and you can't find one now that you need one, we'll explain what to do.

How to find a shell in Palia

Unless you've bothered to venture out of Kilima Village to the east, you're unlikely to have come across a shell in your Palia adventure just yet.

To find a shell in Palia, you need to do just that—get out there by heading east. That's the right-hand side of the map.

A map showing a potential Palia shells location on Beachcomber Cove.
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By following the road out to Bahari Bay, you'll wind up exactly where shells are commonly found in Palia. Just continue following the road out to the sands by Beachcomber Cove and look out for little white shells and their soft glow against the sands.

When you're close enough to one, you'll notice Palia shells even give off unique sound.

If you're having trouble spotting them, consider going into the options menu to turn down the music volume and crank up the sound effects volume. That way you'll have an easier time hearing the sounds of a nearby shell.

A shell on the beach in Palia.
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To get a shell, just pick it up like any other item in the game. Get close, press the interact button prompt, and you'll add it to your inventory.

Are shells rare in Palia?

Though they're classed as common items, shells can actually be quite hard to find if you're on a crowded server. They'll show up regardless of the time of day, but given their popularity, they can often be grabbed quickly by other players combing the beach.


If you're struggling to find a Palia shell, consider logging in at a quieter time.

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