How to make macarons in Palia

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A player holding a map in Palia.

It is time to learn how to make macarons in Palia. Palia's latest 0.166 update has brought some really cool new stuff, like hidden quests and lots of new items. One of the interesting new things is The Great Human Bake-off, a quest where you make more than just regular desserts like cakes and pies. This time, you're getting into the tasty world of macarons.

Palia offers a plethora of cooking recipes that lie waiting to be unveiled, each holding the key to unlocking a world of delectable possibilities. Indeed, the Macaron Recipe represents merely a single piece of the culinary puzzle within the game. You need to find the recipe within the quest which requires you to initiate The Great Human Bake-off quest.

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How to begin the Great Human Bake-Off quest in Palia

To start the Great Human Bake-Off quest in Palia, go to the Flooded Steps area. This is located north of the Flooded Fortress on the Bahari Bay map. You can refer to the map below for better understanding.

Bahari Bay map
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When you arrive there, you'll notice a shimmering dirt spot near the entrance. Dig it up to collect the item named Very Old... Grocery List?, which will be automatically added to your inventory.

Once you have the list, you'll need to decode it with the help of someone from the town. Don't worry, just head straight to Hekla. She will reveal that the list is actually a recipe for macarons, not groceries. She'll explain that the Majiri culture has cherished macarons for a long time.

How to make macarons in Palia

As you have successfully collected information about the macarons recipe, we can start on how to make it. You need the following ingredients for Macrons:

  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Sweet Leaf

You can purchase Milk, Flour, and Eggs at Zeki's store in the General Store located in Kilima. Occasionally, you might also receive these items as rewards during quests.

Sweet Leaf in Bahari Bay
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As for the final ingredient, Sweet Leaf, you'll need to explore Bahari Bay. The most common places to find these leaves are the Statue Garden, the Outskirts, Proudhorn Pass, Flooded Steps, and other similar locations.

mixing stations in Palia
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Once you have gathered all the required ingredients, you need to locate mixing stations. These can be obtained by acquiring crafting plans from Reth after reaching level 3 in cooking. If you've already achieved this, you've saved a good amount of time.

Use these mixing stations to combine all the ingredients mentioned earlier. This process takes approximately one minute to complete. After successfully making the macarons, players will receive 225 Focus.

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