Palia Old Coins quest locations - How to find the second and third coins

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Zeki will take one Palia Old Coin and send you on the quest to find two more.

The Palia Old Coins quest is one of the more convoluted and mysterious of the bunch. Not scared of a few riddles from time to time, the Old Coins quest instead keeps the entirety of its purpose under wraps, starting from a single object you, if you happen to have one already, likely didn't plan to find, with it then tasking you to find more.

So how do you find the other two Old Coins for the Palia quest? Here's how it's looking at the moment. There's every chance these locations could be randomized. But that also could just be confusion stemming from a quest that doesn't outright point you to each destination on the map for a change.

How to start the Palia Old Coins quest

You'll start the Palia Old Coins quest once you find one of the three old coins in question and take it to Zeki. They're all found in the Flooded Fortress out in Bahari Bay.

The location for the first Palia Old Coin is down some stairs and in a vase behind a statue in the circled location.
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First Old Coin location

After gliding over to one of the central areas and following some stairs deeper down into the chambers, the coin should be found in a vase behind a dragon statue.

Once you've found the first Old Coin, take it to Zeki the Shopkeeper. He'll send you on the Old Coin quest to find the other two.

They're all found in the same area of the map, so head back to the Flooded Fortress to begin the hunt. This time with purpose.

The second Palia Old Coin can be found at the end of the circled broken arched pathway.
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Second Old Coin location

The second Palia Old Coin can be found on one of the broken arches standing tall. It's actually a prime location for gliding to where you found the first.

Find your way back there, stand at the top of the stairs that led down to the statue, face away from them, and take a left. The arch you see on your left as the area opens up should be where the second Old Coin sits.

The third Palia Old Coin sits across from the location of the first in the circled area.
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Third Old Coin location

To find the third Old Coin, you'll want to head back to the staircase yet again. Take the left turn as you did for the second, but keep going until you're at the opposite side of where the staircase was. You should be facing out.

Glide to the long pathway ahead and glide straight once more onto the broken pillar with a vine-clad structure attached to its right. You'll find the third Old Coin here.

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