OSRS Diango codes (February 2023) - Passwords for Diango's Toy Store

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January 31, 2023: At long last, a new Diango code has arrived to OSRS. It rewards you with the Dueling Cards emote and came from the successful solving of last year's Runestone ARG.

Oldschool Runescape is still, somehow, shrouded in some level of mystery and intrigue, and while these OSRS Diango codes haven't changed in quite some time, there's a still a good percentage of players out there who don't even know what we're talking about. Keep reading. It's pretty cool.


Diango and Diango's Toy Store actually sells a couple more things than he first lets on. He's almost like the game's microtransaction shop, selling things like unique event items and animations, except for one thing: he buys and sells in GP just like any other shop in Gielinor.

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New OSRS Diango codes (February 2023)

  • v1r354cqu1r173und0 - Dueling cards emote (NEW)
  • osrsrf2014 - Alternate Home Teleport animation
  • runefest17 - Runefest shield
  • premierclub18 - Premier Shield emote
Diango's location in OSRS.

How to use OSRS Diango codes

Unlike a bunch of other games that have code redemption buttons and boxes hidden in plain sight, OSRS Diango redeem codes work a little differently.


To use any code with Diango, you need to go visit him in person. You'll find him at Diango's Toy Store in Draynor Village just west of Lumbridge. If you're in Falador, just head out through the south gate and follow the path to and through Port Sarim. You'll see it, and its willow trees and market, soon enough.

Once you've landed there, just right-click on Diango and select redeem-code from his menu. Type or paste one of the above Diango codes into the box that appears, and that's it - he'll just give you the related reward.

When will we get more OSRS Diango codes?

The last Diango code arrived in January 2023, but it was actually available to discover almost a full year prior.


With the few codes before it arriving in 2014, 2017, and 2018 respectively, that still means there's no real pattern for new Diango codes to arrive in-game. Because of that, we have no idea when a new one could arrive. If a new Runefest or Runestones event takes place, though, expect one to follow

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