Runescape Mobile Launch Brings the Modern MMORPG to iOS and Android

After an extensive early access period, today's Runescape mobile release across iOS and Android stuffs 20 years of MMO history into a tiny phone or reasonably larger tablet for free. After the recent Steam release, it's the second time the franchise has branched out from its browser-based beginnings.

Not to be confused with Old School Runescape (or Runescape 2)--the more popular, older version of the game that launched on mobile a little while back-- this version of Runescape mobile is the modern version of the long-running title originally released on PC and Mac in 2013.

Otherwise known as Runescape 3 to veterans, it features drastically improved 3D graphics and textures, a more refined combat system, and other systems that reflect today's MMORPG trends.

Like the Old School version of the game on mobile, Runescape is completely cross-platform. You log in with the same account as on the desktop version and play with the same people, making it a single, unified experience whether you play on desktop or mobile.

During its pre-order period, Runescape amassed 1.8 million pre-registrations across both platforms on top of the millions of others who played during the Early Access program.

The high pre-registration count even unlocked in-game cosmetic rewards like a hairstyle, teleporter, sword, pet, and the Crux Eqal armor. Anyone who logs in also gets a 50 percent XP boost for seven days. There's even a week-long Membership trial available for new or lapsed players to jump back into the game's premium content.

A screenshot of the original 2001 launch of Runescape, also known as Runescape Classic.
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Credit: Gamesear

2021 actually marks the Runescape franchise's 20th anniversary. Players can look forward to a whole host of new events, celebrations, and big content drops as the year progresses.

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