Mobile Launch Pushes Albion Online To Highest Ever Active Player Count

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Just days after the multi-platform sandbox MMORPG officially launched on iOS and Android, the previous Albion Online active player count record was shattered, pushing the five-year-old game to new heights.

According to the stylized player numbers chart issued on the game's official website, daily active accounts had plateaued at around 150,000 since the start of June.


In the week leading up to and following the mobile launch on June 9, things skyrocketed, bringing the total daily active Albion Online player count to a peak of 271,000.

Things evened out at around 250,000 up to June 13 (where the data ends) falling short of a 2x increase for the game, but still representing a massive spike thanks to the long-awaited launch of the multi-platform support that was promised during the game's original Kickstarter campaign back in 2017.

According to the official news, the recent spike meant the game was more popular than ever, beating out its previous 2020 high.

A February update brought the game to new heights of 135,000 daily active players, and was immediately bested during the Call to Arms update in March.

For the time being, anyone who wishes to join the quarter of a million-strong MMORPG can grab a free mount skin and 100,000 Fame to distribute across their skills as they please.

You can read more about Albion Online's mobile release and celebration here.