Ooblets clubs - How to fix clubhouses, and what you can buy

ooblets clubhouse

ooblets clubhouse

No social system is complete without subcultures and different collections of people, and the Ooblets clubs incorporate this into Badgetown.

Whether you like luxury living, wandering in the woods or tinkering with tech, there is a club for you to join. You'll need to level up a few times before you get to unlock the quests, though, but once you do, you'll need to gather materials for the club owners to fix up each building.

If you're new to the world of Oob, check out our beginner tips to help you get going, and how to get the elusive Rainplops and important Clothlets, and how to eat to replenish energy.

Frunbuns clubhouse ooblets
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What are clubs in Ooblets?

Right when you touch down in Badgetown, you'll be introduced to the club leaders in the town. There are four of them, and they'll tell you what their club is about, and why you should join. The four clubs are:

  • Mimpins - the geeky, socially awkward scene, run by Videon.
  • Mossprouts - for outdoorsy types, run by Outgrid.
  • Frunbuns - a cute club for people who like cute things, run by Melda.
  • Peaksnubs - the richer folk who like the high life, run by Bazil.

When you pick your club of choice, you'll get an Ooblet for free! These will be one of the following: Sidekey, which allows a player to play a card twice, Shrumbo, which adds extra beats and cards, Tud, a support Ooblet that will add hype, or Bittle, which can steal points from the opposing team.

You can't change your club once you've chosen, so pick carefully. There isn't much difference in choosing each club aside from which Ooblet you start with, but you can get them all in the late game anyway after purchasing the 'more Ooblets III' Wishie Well reward.

Frunbuns clubhouse in Ooblets
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How to unlock the clubhouses

All four clubhouses will become available for you to fix up at once. When you hit level 5, there will be separate Tinstle Tasks for each one, with different requirements:

  • Mimpins - 20 nurnies, 5 sprockuts, 1 oobsidian
  • Mossprouts - 20 planklets, 12 clothlets, 3 hop dobs
  • Frunbuns - 3 caroot cake, 1 gastroglob, 1 curlyhorn, 1 shelbo, 10 clothlets
  • Peaksnubs - 500 gummies

Once you've fulfilled the orders, the clubhouses will be ready and waiting the next day. Inside you'll find members of the club, usually the characters that run the club, and some items for sale. These include some Treabies, two move cards, and accessories for your Ooblets.

You can purchase these items with Club Tokens, which are earned by completing tasks on the club's respective request boards. You can also pick some up in other people's houses or the shops; they'll be glowing items on the floor.

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