How to eat in Ooblets

how to eat in Ooblets

how to eat in Ooblets

It isn't obvious from the get-go of the whimsical game, so we're here to show you how to eat in Ooblets. Of course, farming takes energy, as do your other daily tasks. This can run out quickly, especially in the early game, so keeping some edible snacks on hand is a must. But... how do you consume these items?

Welcome to the weird and wild world of Ooblets: a game where you face off in dance battles to collect Ooblet seeds and grow more friends in your garden. Note that you cannot eat these Ooblets. Though Pokemon certainly makes mention of consuming the cuddly creatures, Ooblets doesn't want anything to do with that business.

If you're new to the world of Oob, check out our beginner tips to help you get going, and how to get the elusive Ooblets clothlets. Lastly, check out our primer on Temtem crossplay if you're looking at getting into the other recently-released creature collecting game.

How to eat in Ooblets

It isn't really obvious how to eat in this game, despite everything else being super simple.

To consume your food items, you need to open up your inventory and select the item you want to eat. Hit Y if you're playing on Switch and Xbox, or right-click if you're on PC. This will bring up a menu of what you can do with the item, including 'consume' at the top. Hit that and there you go, you're snacking away!

how to eat in Ooblets
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What can you eat in Ooblets?

In Ooblets, you can eat more than just cookable meals or purchasable food and drink items. Some foragables can be consumed, too.

Anything cooked at the stove in your home, or the drinks you buy at Cuddlecups Cafe, or Bunglebee Buns from Polt can be eaten. Each of the four clubhouses also has a snack that can refill energy, too.

Here are the other edible items that you can forage in the overworld or farm at home:

  • Buttonboy - restores 3 energy
  • Caroot - restores 6 energy
  • Crumberry - restores 4 energy
  • Muz - restores 6 energy
  • Quib - restores 3 energy
  • Sporbet - restores 10 energy
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  • Sweetiebeetie - restores 10 energy
  • Zinooka - restores 10 energy
  • Thimbi - restores 7 energy
  • Cellulettuce - restores 15 energy
  • Hyperglob - restores 100 energy
  • Fartichoke - restores 30 energy
  • Freep - restores 7 energy
  • Dregplant - restores 30 energy
how to eat in Ooblets
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How do you cook in Ooblets?

Cooking food in Ooblets requires the use of the hotplate in your house, or the Kettle and Cup item you can buy from the cafe. At the beginning of the game, you'll have some basic recipes available to cook, but can learn more through quests, buy them from the Wishie Well, or by collecting Recipe Pieces.

Recipes may require grown crops, foraged items, or processed items like Froobtose or Muz Flour, which you can get from the Crusher item on your farm.

Once you have the required items for the recipe, it's as simple as clicking your hotplate, and then clicking the item you want to create. Each cooked item will restore a decent amount of energy, between 20-100 usually.

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