Modern Warfare 3 voice cast and confirmed actors

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Modern Warfare 3 player abseiling down building lit with red light
Credit: Activision

Are you searching for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 voice cast and confirmed actors? We figured you would! The good news is you’ve come to the right place as we’ve been gearing up for the latest Modern Warfare 3 game release which is slated for November 10, 2023.

Behind an illustriously historic title that brings plenty of nostalgia lies a team of consummate professionals who’ve put in hundreds of hours of effort to make Call of Duty an immersive and realistic warfare experience.

In our guide, we’re going to be lifting the curtain on the characters by revealing the real names behind Activision's first-person shooting franchise.

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Modern Warfare 3 voice cast and confirmed actors

Let’s get straight down to it with the following list of stalwart names:

  • Barry Sloane – Captain John Price
  • Neil Ellice – Sergeant John ‘Soap’ MacTavish
  • Julian Kostov – Vladimir Makarov (speculated)
  • Samuel Roukin – Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley
  • Elliot Knight – Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick
  • Glenn Morshower – General Shepherd
  • Warren Kole – Phillip Graves
  • Rya Kihlstedt – Station Chief Kate Laswell

Many of the beloved Call of Duty characters are returning for the upcoming instalment of this game, as the likes of Captain Price, Soap, Ghost and the cunning duo of Phillip Graves and General Shepherd are set to reprise their roles on screen.

Captain Price – Barry Sloane

A Modern Warfare title wouldn’t be the same if it didn't feature the leader of Task Force 141. Barry Sloane reprises the role of Captain Price once again.

Modern Warfare 3 chief protagonist Captain Price played by the talented Barry Sloane
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Credit: Activision

Mr. Sloane always ensures that Price’s captivating character persona is brought to life through a deluge of intensity and inspirational acting performance. Many Call of Duty fans can attest to this, as his performance in the 2019 Modern Warfare game was remarkably well received.

Having held the role of Captain Price since that particular game was released, Sloane knows all about the demands of the protagonist icon he needs to play.

Vladimir Makarov – Julian Kostov


Most people are likely to be excited about the appearance of an iconic villain in the form of Vladimir Makarov, whose villainous character spearheaded the original trilogy of this title.

More so, the latest footage from the official gameplay trailer teased the casting of a new actor for this antagonistic role. The talented Bulgarian Julian Kostov is the man going to portray one of the most detested villains in the Modern Warfare gaming sphere.

That's all there is to know about the Modern Warfare 3 voice actors so far. Once more names appear, we'll update the guide with the latest information. For more, take a look at our guides showcasing the rumoured gun list and everything there is to know about Tac Stance.

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