How to get free skins in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends promotional art.

Minecraft Legends promotional art.

The brand-new Minecraft Legends game has recently become available, which is great news for all fans. If you've just downloaded the game and want to stand out from the rest, we will help you with this and tell you how to get free skins in Minecraft Legends!

Yes, there is also an option to get skins for free in Minecraft Legends. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to do this. You're only as good as your best skin, after all. That's not really true, but drip matters.

How to get free skins in Minecraft Legends

Unlike in Minecraft, where skins could be simply downloaded from the Internet and used to your preferences, Minecraft Legends doesn’t allow you to do so.

Mojang has created a monetisation system which allows you to purchase your desired character look for real money. But not everyone will want to pay money for it, so additional challenges have been added to the game, which can help you get a skin for free.

Minecraft Legends Portal Buster Hero skin.
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So, what are these tasks that you need to complete to get a skin? They are called Lost Legends, and you can find them in the main menu by going to the Lost Legends and Myths tab.

If you open the Task menu, you will see only one task called Portal Pile Legend, which will give you the Portal Buster Hero skin. This task involves the destruction of hordes of Piglins who attack your village. You can complete the task alone or with friends. The second option is, of course, much easier.

Don't worry, as the Portal Bustal Hero is not the only skin you can get for free. Similar challenges will appear every month, bringing new tasks and skins, so take your sword in hand and go for the adventure!

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