Best Minecraft Legends Discord servers

Minecraft Legends game and Discord logo

Minecraft Legends game and Discord logo

In order to chat with other players from the game's community, you can join some Minecraft Legends Discord servers. The game is quite new and there are not so many servers, but a couple of them are worth your attention.

Most of these Discord Servers can be found on various websites where you can search for different communities. The longer Minecraft Legends exists, the more servers appear, and you can use such sites to monitor new communities and trends.

What are the best Minecraft Legends Discord servers

There are a few Minecraft Legends Discord servers that we can recommend to you at the time of writing. In this article, we will mention four of them. Here is the list of these Minecraft Legends Discord servers.

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Minecraft Legends Community

The Minecraft Legends Community Server Link

This is a small international server and usually, there are only a few members online. Its population is about 30 players, and there you can find people from different countries. If you don’t like crowded servers and prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, then Minecraft Legends Community is the perfect choice for you!

Vertex Network

The Vertex Network Server Link

This is a small server dedicated to various Minecraft games. The population is about 200 players, and they play other games aside from just Minecraft Legends. On Vertex Network, you can also discuss Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. So, as we already mentioned, this server is dedicated to all Minecraft games and it will help you find some players for a co-op session in any of these projects.


The Legacy Server Link

Here’s another great server with numerous users you can chat with. Legacy is dedicated to PvP and co-op, which means that there you can always find some players to play with. If you like this game and want to chat with users in a fast-growing community, then join Legacy and find some friends for your gaming session!

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Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft Legends Server Link

This is the official Minecraft Legends Discord Server, which means that it is the biggest and the most populated. There are thousands of players and a few channels with announcements in different languages. Also, the server has channels for feedback and lore discussion.

The official server allows you to monitor various announcements related to Minecraft Legends, search for co-op partners, and simply speak with other players. There are multiple channels for different purposes, and if you prefer to chat with dozens of users, then this is the best option for you. Just don’t forget to read the rules and follow them!

Minecraft Legends is a multiplayer-focused game that has quite a huge community. The servers we have mentioned in this article are some of the best at the moment, but there will likely be more of them in the future. Also, the communities of these servers will grow and there will be more users to play with.

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