How to defeat the Beast boss in Minecraft Legends

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The Beast boss in Minecraft Legends.

Before you get trounced, it's smart to read up on how to defeat the Beast boss in Minecraft Legends. It's probably the most aggressive leader of the Piglins you'll come across. This creature is quite strong and prefers to assault your village rather than sit in a fortress. You will face the Beast if you destroy all the major outposts of the Horde of the Hunt.

But you should prepare for a long siege if you plan to defeat the Beast and his army of Piglins. Rather than continue to build an increasingly more impregnable fortress, this commander brings the battle to you, swarming on occupied villages.

How to defeat the Beast Boss in Minecraft Legends

The Beast is a huge Pigling that rides a pig-like monster. It's a Raider-style boss that can launch multiple attacks on your villages if you don't deal with it promptly.

As is plain to see, the Beast may cause you some problems early on, but you should be able to beat it by keeping a few ideas in mind. Ranged units are your friends here.

The character fights against the Beast boss in Minecraft Legends.
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Credit: YouTube Levas

Here are some strategy tips to beat the Beast in Minecraft Legends:

  • Build more towers and spawners that will help you create new units and protect the fountain.
  • Use upgrade towers to fortify your defenses.
  • The Beast will go for mobs before it focuses on structures it can crumble easily. Keep your army maxed out to protect your precious fountain.
  • Rather than aim to kill the Beast, focus on running out the clock so it retreats.
  • Because the Beast doesn't regain HP between attacks on villages, doing the most damage early on and pressuring it on the retreat can help fend off future attacks.

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