Best fighting styles in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Sakamoto Ryoma from Like a Dragon: Ishin wielding a gun
Credit: SEGA
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The Yakuza games always feature a variety of different fighting styles, and Like a Dragon: Ishin is no exception. There are four fighting styles, so you might be wondering which is the best fighting style in Like a Dragon: Ishin to upgrade and invest the orbs in.

The story in Like A Dragon: Ishin includes quite a lot of combat. Not only will you have to fight main characters, but you'll also come across a lot of random encounters while you're exploring the world. That's not to say that the entire game revolves around this mechanic. There are plenty of the classic Yakuza mini-games and side stories to get lost in.


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Best fighting styles in Like a Dragon: Ishin

There are four unique fighting styles in Like a Dragon Ishin: Brawler, Swordsman, Gunman, and Wild Dancer. Each of them have their own unique features and abilities, and you can switch between them during combat.

When you use each of the styles in combat, you'll earn either an orb for that specific style, or a general training orb. For example, if you use Brawler in a battle, you'll earn a red orb that can only be used to upgrade the Brawler style. You can use the training orbs on any of the styles without any restrictions. You can even use a coloured orb to replace these, and get them back to spend elsewhere.

You'll have the opportunity to unlock special abilities and heat actions through this upgrade system too. Sometimes you'll need to visit a certain training dojo in order to unlock it, though.

What is the best fighting style in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

This will completely depend on which of the fighting styles you prefer. Brawler is best if you like classic fighting-style games, while Gunman is a good choice if you want to keep your enemies at a distance. There is one style that incorporates the best of each of the styles in one, and that is Wild Dancer.


With Wild Dancer, you wield both a sword and a gun. This means that you can fire at enemies, as well as take them on at close range. Importantly, this comes with a skill that will fire off rounds around you while you spin. This is particularly great for crowd control!

However, it's probably best that you don't invest all of your orbs into Wild Dancer. This is for a few different reasons. First of all, each of the styles gets health upgrades through their tracks. These are particularly important to get, especially as the game increases in difficulty.

The second reason why you should balance your fighting upgrades is that at certain points in the story, you'll be locked into one style for a fight. There are times when you won't have your weapons, and you'll need to rely on Brawler. Alternatively, there are certain boss fights that will lend themselves to some styles over others.

Brawler style explained

Brawler is the hand-to-hand combat style that has you wield your fists as your primary weapon. This is the most nimble out of all of the fighting styles, and is the best for countering enemy attacks. You can also pick up furniture from the world and use it to fight with.


Some of the upgrades are optional and branch off from the main track. In order to make it easier to plan how many orbs you may need to reach certain upgrades, they have been listed as x.1 in the table.

Swordsman style explained

Swordsman is where you fight with a single sword in combat. Out of all the styles, this one does the most damage. You can use a charged, strong attack during a combo, and defend yourself from enemy weapons.


Gunman style explained

The Gunman style is all about maintaining distance from your enemies, and inflicting damage in a way that makes it difficult for them to counter. You can use special bullet types, such as flame and lightning rounds in order to stun enemies for more damage. Finally, you can forcefully disarm your foes with later Gunman upgrades.

Wild Dancer style explained

Wild Dancer is where you wield both a sword and pistol, and use them both together in combat. It is the fastest attack out of all the styles, but you cannot defend easily. However, you can use spinning attacks to help with crowd control.

Those are all the fighting styles in Like a Dragon: Ishin! For more on the game, check out whether it's on Game Pass, as well as our Like a Dragon 8 release date hub.