How to redeem Deluxe Edition DLC in Like a Dragon: Ishin

A still from Like a Dragon: Ishin
Credit: SEGA

A still from Like a Dragon: Ishin
Credit: SEGA

Like a Dragon: Ishin is the latest game in the Yakuza franchise. If you purchase the Deluxe Edition on your respective console, then you'll no doubt be trying to find out how to redeem DLC in Like a Dragon: Ishin. The game doesn't automatically give it to you at the start, so you'll have to play a little bit of the story before you get access.

The DLC items in Like a Dragon: Ishin cover a wide range of things, and can be a great help early on in the game. The bundle includes new weapons, upgrade materials, trooper cards, and skins for protagonist Sakamoto Ryoma.

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The Teradaya Inn in Like a Dragon Ishin
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First, head to the Teradaya Inn

How to redeem DLC in Like a Dragon: Ishin

First of all, you need to have completed the first chapter of Like a Dragon: Ishin. This will make sense once you get there, as you will need to have unlocked the location where a man is waiting for you.

Once you've made it to Fushimi, you'll have access to the Teradaya Inn. This will be where you call home for the first part of the game. Once you enter the inn, rather than going upstairs to your room, stay on the ground floor and hug the right-hand wall as you make your way to the back. Here, you'll find a certain gentleman called Bob Utsunomiya. Fans may recognise him from the series, as he's been a reoccurring side character for many games.

If you talk to him, he will offer to give you any or all of the different DLC packs that are available to you.

Of course, you might not be able to use all of the DLC items immediately, depending on when you redeem them. Some of them require specific story triggers before the mechanic is made available to you.

Bob Utsunomiya in Like a Dragon Ishin
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Bob Utsunomiya, everybody!

When can I redeem Like a Dragon: Ishin DLC?

As mentioned, DLC in Like a Dragon: Ishin unlocks at various points within the game. These are as follows:


  • The swords and weapons will be available to use immediately. However, there are some skills that will need to be unlocked in the fighting style upgrades menu before you have access to everything.
  • The outfits, such as the Kazuma Kiryu skin, are available as soon as you can accept the DLC pack.
  • The 5 Gold Plates from the Inventory Items can be sold immediately for an early boost to cash and Virtue.

Chapter 3

  • The Upgrade Materials will only become useful once you can use the Blacksmith. Once you have, you will be able to use them to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

Chapter 5

  • Trooper Cards are a mechanic that only unlocks once you reach Chapter 5. This is because they are directly linked to the story. Once you've unlocked them, though, you can equip your DLC cards through either the barracks or the pause menu.
  • The two Promotion Jewels from the Inventory Items can only be used after Chapter 5, as they are Upgrade Materials for the Trooper Cards.
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