How to save the Barking Dog in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The Barking Dog stood in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The Barking Dog stood in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The Barking Dog is one of the animals you'll come across while exploring in the new Yakuza release, Like a Dragon: Ishin. He's being threatened by the locals, so you might wonder how to save the Barking Dog in Like a Dragon Ishin. He makes up one of the make side stories that you can complete that will add towards your overall completionist percentage.

There are 62 side stories currently available in Like a Dragon: Ishin. These vary from small interactions with people to fetch quests and intricate plots in their own right.

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The protagonist petting the Barking Dog in Like a Dragon: Ishin
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Who's a good boy?

How to save the Barking Dog in Like a Dragon: Ishin

When you come across the Barking Dog in Like a Dragon: Ishin for the first time, you'll be told by a local woman that he barks too much and is disturbing the peace. The people who live there have had enough, and have decided to get rid of him once and for all.

If you interact with the dog, you'll notice that he looks pretty bored. You will have to head to the Pawn Shop which is very close by, in order to buy him a bone. Once you've given him the bone, he'll stay quiet while he chews on it.

It's worth stocking up on a few bones from the Pawn Shop, as you'll have to repeat this process three different times. There will be a cool-down period between opportunities, so it's best to return after a story mission or so.

After you've fed the dog three times and returned a fourth, a cut scene will trigger. The locals will be gathered around the dog, talking about how they're ready to drown him in the river, despite his recent good behaviour.

You'll have the chance to step in and offer to rescue him, and take him back to your villa, available through the Another Life section of the game. Also, you'll have a chance to pick a name from a list for your new dog!

Now that you've adopted the dog, you can upgrade his house through the shrines Virtue upgrade screen! Here, you can pamper him with a few different luxury homes, which will make him happier and more likely to bring you presents.

Don't forget to keep him well-fed and occupied while he's at home, though. You know what he gets like when he's bored!

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