How to complete Death of an Author in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Death of the Author substory for Like a Dragon Ishin - Natsumi: 'My good man, my books are selling like never before!'

Death of the Author substory for Like a Dragon Ishin - Natsumi: 'My good man, my books are selling like never before!'

The Yakuza games always pride themselves on the sheer volume and diversity of their side stories, and Like a Dragon: Ishin is no exception. In fact, one is the first side stories you can discover is Death of the Author in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

You'll want to complete as many side stories as possible, as they can give you will quite significant rewards. Some of them will be very brief and may offer a moderate amount of Virtue for you. However, some of the longer ones will reward you with items, Virtue, and even money!

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Death of the Author guide for Like a Dragon: Ishin

Once you reach Fushimi and settle down in Teradaya Inn, the world of Ishin will slowly begin to open up for you. You'll need to explore a bit of the area first, until you rescue a Shinto Priest and unlock the Virtue system. Then you can return to the Teradaya Inn, where you'll find the location of this substory.

Natsumi Sosaku is another guest at the inn, and is only a few doors down from your room on the upstairs floor. He introduces himself as a famous author, who is suffering from significant writer's block. He needs your help in order to get his books out on time.

Sosaku will describe the plots to his book to you, and you will have to contribute something to the story. You'll have a list of choices, and you'll need to pick the right one in order to help him properly!

Of course, fans of Japanese literature will recognise this character as a parody of the famous author, Natsumi Sōseki. His most famous works include I Am a Cat, Botchan and Kokoro, meaning Heart.

Natsume Sosaku in the Death of the Author substory, Like a Dragon Ishin. 
'Natsumi: The world may well come to call me a literary giant, yet without your help I'd have written nary a word.'
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Can we get an autograph, please, Mr Sosaka?

Death of the Author answers in Like a Dragon: Ishin

You'll need to select these answers when prompted to, in order to help Sosaku out.

  • A cat might be funny
  • Botch-chan!
  • Heart

Once you've given these to him, he will furiously begin to write the novel. Once you leave the Teradaya Inn for a little while and return, you'll be able to ask him how his previous book went. He will reward you with a Broken Compass, Fine Silk Fabric, and European Fabric for each of the correct answers that you give him. You'll also be rewarded with +300 Virtue for completing the substory!

That's it for the Death of the Author quest in Like a Dragon: Ishin. For more on the game check out our review, as well as a look ahead to the Like a Dragon 8 release date.

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