How to save the Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Cat: Meow! The Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon Ishin

Cat: Meow! The Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon Ishin

Located just outside the main Shinto Shrine, you might wonder if the Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin is worth the money she's asking for. A suspicious man nearby is telling people that if he gives the cat money, then she'll return with gifts for them! While it seems like an obvious scam, we can't help but fall for the cats sweet charms all the same.

The Lucky Cat is one of six pets that you can find and adopt in Like a Dragon Ishin. There are three cats and three dogs, all who have unique substories and requirements for you to meet.

For more on the game, read up on how to save the Starving Cat. To find out if there's a way to save the Barking Dog from his cruel fate, check out our guide here. Finally, if you want to see the best ways to earn Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin, check out our guide for it here.

How to save the Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon Ishin

Firstly, you'll find the Lucky Cat located by the Shinto Shrine at the very top of the map. In the final corner, a small calico cat will be waiting to interact with you. If you go over, you'll see a man behind you telling his friend about the kind of rewards the cat will bring you in exchange for money.

You'll need to interact with the Lucky Cat a total of five different times, each with a break in between them. Luckily, the Wild Dancer School is located just down from the cat. This serves as both a great way to level up the fighting style and pass the time between opportunities to interact with the cat.

Here are the monetary requirements for each stage of this substory, as well as the rewards.

1000 mon
2000 mon
Sober Capsule
3000 mon
5000 mon
4000 mon
1 ryo
5 ryo, and the Lucky Cat herself

Be warned though, once you've paid the one ryo to the cat in the final stage, she'll lead you to a group of ruffians. It's not the hardest fight in the game, but worth being aware of all the same. Once you've defeated them, you'll have the chance to name your new cat, and send her back to your house!

That's it for our look at how to save the Lucky Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin. For more on the game, check out how to find Takechi, as well as how to get and use Soul Orbs in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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