How to save the Hungry Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Hungry cat: Meow? featured in Like a Dragon Ishin

Hungry cat: Meow? featured in Like a Dragon Ishin

Like a Dragon: Ishin has several pets that you can find during your time in the game. After coming across this one, you might be asking how to save the Hungry Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin. The answer is pretty simple, but it will require quite a few steps.

The Hungry Cat is one of six pet stories in Like a Dragon: Ishin, and will be the first Cat one that you come across. If you want to save the Barking Dog from his cruel fate, you can follow our guide for it here.

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How to save the Hungry Cat in Like a Dragon: Ishin

You can find the Hungry Cat in a side alley in Rakugai. He is just up from the training grounds for the Gunman, so it's likely that you've run into him before.

The location of the Hungry Cat in Like a Dragon Ishin
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The location of the Hungry Cat

Its poor little stomach will be rumbling, and it'll be very weak when you find it. You will need to feed it any fish, which can be either caught yourself or bought from the fishmonger at the market. These can be your standard carp at this point.

There will be a cooldown period between feeding opportunities, so make sure to check back after you've completed a couple of story quests.

After you've fed it a couple of times, it will become picky. The Hungry Cat will demand a sea bream. Luckily, these can be bought at the Fishmonger, so you don't need to work too hard on this one.

Unfortunately, the final fish that you need to bring the Hungry Cat is a tuna. These are a rare fish that cannot be bought, and will require some level of preparation.

First of all, it's recommended to max out your Fishing tab in the Virtue Shrine Shop. This will make it infinitely easier to get the fish. Second of all, you'll need to buy bait.

The Baitmonger location in Rakugai in Like a Dragon Ishin
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The Baitmonger in Rakugai

The Baitmonger can be difficult to find, but he's in the eastern part of Rakunai on Shijo Street. He will be walking up and down the street with two large bait boxes on across his shoulders. You can buy Top Quality Bait from him for 5,000 mon.

Once you have the best ocean rod and best bait, head down the Ocean Fishing mini-game, which can be found outside the Teradaya Inn. You'll want to head to the Eastern Banks.

Once you're at the Eastern Bank, use the Top Quality Bait. This will cause more fish to spawn. For us, the tuna spawned as a fast-moving huge shadow, that circled closest to the shore. It tracked the same circle each time, so its easy to know where to place the rod.

The tuna is Like a Dragon Ishin
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After you've caught the tuna, you can take it all the way back to the Hungry Cat. It will somehow eat the entire fish without exploding, and then politely ask you if it can come and live with you. Here, you'll have the option to name it one of three names.

That's it for the Hungry Cat! Good luck in your attempts in getting it, and don't forget that preparation is key with the tuna! For more on the game, check out the best fighting styles in Like a Dragon: Ishin, as well as how to use Prize Tickets.

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