How to save and exit game in Lies of P

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Pinocchio carrying a large sword over his shoulders in Lies of P
Credit: Lies of P
September 19, 2023: Make sure to save once you dive into Lies of P!

Here's how to properly save and exit Lies of P! If you've had a session on Lies of P and turned off your console at the end, you may find a message appearing in the main menu of the game when you boot it up again. This one will tell you to make sure that you save and exit your game properly to avoid losing progress.

Lies of P does a pretty good job of auto-saving your progress - some would say they are deliberately quick at it when you purchase a weapon or make a key decision in the game ,just so you can't see the alternative outcomes. But nonetheless, given that Neowiz Games went to the effort of including this feature, it is best that we get our head around it, just to be safe.

We're not lying, we're the experts on Lies of P! For more info on the game, check out how to level up, as well as the answer to whether you can recover lost Ergo in the game! We've also got a release time countdown if you can't wait for Lies of P to launch!

The settings menu in Lies of P showing how to exit the game
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Credit: Lies of P
Better to be safe than sobbing in the corner over your lost progress, as they say.

How to save and exit in Lies of P

To save and exit from the very spot you are standing in Lies of P, you'll need to visit the settings menu.

This can be found as the furthest right option where you find your equipment storage and change your belt and bag slots. From the Settings menu, you can exit the game by switching to the far right option, labelled Exit (shocking, right?).

Once you find the Exit section, it is simply a matter of selecting Title Screen and confirming your choice. This will send you back to the main menu of Lies of P, from which you can then close the game and turn off your console.

It's important to save your progress in Lies of P because the game is challenging enough as it is. The last thing you want is to have to repeat a tough combat sequence or boss battle. While it does a pretty good job at autosaving, you'll need a Stargazer or an important dialogue sequence with another character to trigger the autosave.


If you find yourself struck with the need to stop the game for pizza or have an annoying kid/sibling/parent seeking your immediate attention, there is a way around it. Better still, you can turn off your console or PC with the confidence that you'll continue from where you left off.

As simple as it is, that's all you need to know about saving and exiting Lies of P! For more assistance with the game, let us talk you through which combat style to choose. We've also got the trophy and achievement list compiled for the completionists among you!

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