Last Epoch patch 0.9 class tier list (March 2024)

picture of the werebear in last epoch

picture of the werebear in last epoch
March 11, 2024:

Looking to play Last Epoch for patch 0.9 but are not sure which class you want to play? Well, you're in luck! Our Last Epoch class tier list will give you the details on the top masteries to play in the game, whether it's solo or in the new multiplayer mode.

Each character has a few different classes that you can pick, but picking the right one is definitely important. You're locked into your choice of mastery class once you pick it for your character, and that will determine what sorts of builds you'll be able to play.

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Last Epoch class tier list for patch 0.9 (March 2024)

Last Epoch patch 0.9 class tier list








Void Knight



To kick things off, I want to preface this by saying that nearly every class in the game is viable to take on the content that's thrown at it. Some are going to have a bit of an easier time than others. The only exception is Shaman which is in a pretty poor state at the moment. We won't go into too much about it, as it's in a tier of its own, so we'd recommend not picking Shaman.

S tier

Starting in the S tier we have Druid, Lich, and Paladin. The Druid playstyle is one where it can be incredibly tanky, while dishing out a lot of damage. It's received some buffs this patch making it the top Primalist mastery.

Lich is a class that is slated as a jack of all trades. It doesn't have really a specialization, but it's great at everything. It also has had some if it's skills buffed this patch, so many more builds are viable.

Paladin is a class that sits in the S tier for a few reasons. It has access to some very powerful damage builds, while having two very powerful defensive tools, Sigils of Hope and Holy Aura.

A tier

In the A tier, we have Marksman, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Bladedancer. Marksman has access to some great builds, with Icicle Bow Mage and Hall of Arrows some of the top builds, but sadly it's pretty glass cannon. It does have access to some armor via Shurikens, as well as some dodge, but it's pretty squishy.

Sorcerer is a class that has had a lot of its builds pushed into the ground. It does have a very strong defensive skill in Flame Ward, but it's carried by one build, Static Orb and Lightning Blast. Thankfully that build is very good, which lands it in the A tier.

Necromancer is a class that is being held up by a couple builds, Flame Wraiths and Bone Golem. The playstyle is a bit wonky with melee minions, but overall this class has solid defensive skills, namely Vessel of Strife.

Finally, Bladedancer comes in at A tier. Bladedancer was once one of the most powerful masteries in the game. Unfortunately it's gotten hit with the nerf bat quite a lot, including in this patch. Luckily, it has a very good build still in Lethal Mirage. It also has incredible defenses. It has access to a large amount of defensive options, which makes it an incredibly safe build to play.

B tier

In the B tier we have Beastmaster, Void Knight, and Spellblade. The Beastmaster is a class that is incredible at single target damage. Unfortunately it doesn't clear monoliths super well, though it does have it does have a couple of options. It also doesn't have great defensive options as well.

Next up is Void Knight. Void Knight is a very strong mastery. It has some of the most off the wall abilities in the game. It also can have a massive health pool. But health is it's primary source of defensive mitigation and if you can't sustain your health pool through leech or restoration effects, you're going to have a bad time. It's only in the B tier due to it's difficulty to build effectively for new players, otherwise it'd be in the A tier.

Finally we have Spellblade. Spellblade is another very strong class, having access to incredible clear, and single target damage. It does have access to some great defensive options as well with Vessel of Strife, but it's going to take a lot of investment to be able to get to that sweet spot. This is a build that's easily a secondary or tertiary build to play. If you're playing it as a first build though, expect to sink a lot of time and resources into it.

C Tier

Our only C Tier class that we have is Forge Guard. It does have some strong minion options, as well as strong melee skill options. But it's skill tree doesn't really give the mastery a strong direction. That being said, if you went with this mastery, you'd still have an alright time playing through the game.

And that's our tier list! While you're here, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 guides as well, such as our Diablo 4 classes guide, our Diablo 4 multiplayer guide, as well as our Diablo 4 beta guide.

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