Last Epoch multiplayer update - dates, details, patch notes and more

picture of last epoch multiplayer

picture of last epoch multiplayer
March 7, 2023: We updated our article to include the freshly dropped patch notes.

If you're a fan of games like Diablo or Path of Exile, then you've probably heard of the game Last Epoch. This game burst onto the ARPG scene as a contender to the big hits with it's stunning visuals, and it's powerful build crafting possibilities. Well, the game has gone through some changes, and has its long awaited Last Epoch multiplayer update releasing in a few days.

Up until this point, the game has been entirely single player, but Eleventh Hour Games has been hard at work on multiplayer functionality. They've undergone multiple streamer focused closed betas and a couple open beta periods for multiplayer, and are now ready to let this update loose to the rest of the early access community.

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When is the Last Epoch multiplayer update?

Last Epoch 0.9 Multiplayer Update Launch

After a long time coming, the Last Epoch multiplayer update 0.9 will launch on March 9. The update will roll out at 11 AM CST (5 PM GMT), so be sure to have your Steam client ready to update at that time. There's a chance that there will be a server queue as well.

Last Epoch multiplayer update details

If you're planning on playing Last Epoch with your crew, then there's a few things that you'll need to be made aware of getting into the game. Parties in Last Epoch will be able to consist of four total players.

Players will be able to trade items to players in their party if the item dropped while they were in party together, at least for now. Loot is instanced to each player to avoid ground clutter, but again these items can be freely traded to players in your party.

Players are actually able to skip story missions by getting level boosting with a higher level party member. That being said there will be quests that should be completed to unlock Relic slots, but you can skip a majority of the story quests if you are leveling alternate characters.

Players can create online and offline characters. Online characters are bound to the online system and cannot be played offline and vice versa. This is to avoid cheating. This update will focus solely on PvE content for the moment, as PvP is something that the devs want to add at a later date.

There's a lot to unpack and if you're wanting to get all the nitty gritty details, then head over to the official FAQ, where there's plenty of information available about end game multiplayer.

Last Epoch multiplayer update patch notes

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Eleventh Hour Games has dropped a massive post for the 0.9 patch notes. Some of the highlights include more details around multiplayer, item gifting, changes to ailments, general skill changes, item changes and more. Here's the general categories of discussion in the post:

  • Systems
  • Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Skill and Passive changes
  • Item changes
  • Enemy changes
  • Visual, Sound and UI
  • Optimization

For a full look at the patch notes, head over to the Last Epoch forum post.

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