Torchlight Infinite Season 2 - Blacksail mechanic, new heroes and more

banner for Torchlight Infinite season 2

banner for Torchlight Infinite season 2

The brand new season for Torchlight Infinite is upon us! This season brings with it a whole new mechanic, as well as a new hero and some new hero traits for some fan favorites! There's a lot to unpack for Torchlight Infinite Season 2, so stick with us through it.

Torchlight Infinite is the latest iteration of Torchlight, and is developed by Chinese developer XD. After multiple closed and open beta tests, the launch of the game was met with a fair amount of success.

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What is the Torchlight Infinite Season 2 theme?

The seasonal theme for Torchlight Infinite Season 2 is Blacksail. We're fighting Void space pirates. The mechanic in this season only activates after the campaign finishes up and you're getting into maps. There's a few components to this mechanic.

First, while you're in a map, you'll see specially marked enemies around the map. Killing these will enable Void Sea Flames. The boss will also be one of the enemies marked. Each of these flames will have an effect attached to it.

After the boss is defeated, a spire called the Void Sea Seal will spawn. Upon activating the spire, you'll be asked to choose one of the flames to put into the Seal. Then a few waves of monsters will spawn. Kill them off to get some loot.

The second aspect to this is sealing Whispers in the Void Sea Terminal. There will be an indicator at the top of your screen. Clicking this will give you three options of Whispers to seal. After sealing six whispers, you'll be able to portal to a short encounter. Clearing this encounter will grant you a chest of loot with the effects of each Whisper you sealed.

This is the main encounter but there is also a pinnacle boss around the theme, but at the time of writing very few if any have beaten the boss yet.

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Torchlight Infinite season 2 new heroes

In Season 2, we have a brand new hero to play with, as well as a couple new hero traits for some fan favorites. We'll go over some general information about each here.

Cateye Erika

Cateye Erika is the new hero joining the cast in Season 2. Shes's aimed to be more of an assassin style character. She's an interesting character that plays around strike skills, Multistrikes and Movement speed. Be sure to check out our build guide for her. Erika can be obtained via the paid battle pass, but will be available for Hero Emblems in the future.

Hero Traits

There are two new hero traits that were introduced to the game as well. They are for Rehan and Moto. Rehans is called Berserker - Seething Spirit. This hero trait periodically summons a spirit that uses an a main melee skill. Moto's new hero trait is called Charge Calling. This gives a buff to his minions, and when the minions lose that buff, they self-destruct on enemies. Both of these hero traits are available for direct purchase, each costing around $9.99.

Torchlight Infinite season 2 features

Additionally to the new content, XD has given the game some nice quality of life updates. They have added official controller support for both PC and Mobile. For the end game, players are now able to purchase beacons and compasses, ensuring that getting into maps is a smoother process than before. There's plenty more but those are some of the big ones.

And that's the gist of Torchlight Infinite season 2! The season is now live, so go forth into the world and have fun! While you're here, why not check out some of our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides, such as our series two ranked season announcement, also our guides to tera raid events, and black crystal seven star raids.

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