Diablo 4 beta - beta dates, details, and rewards

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Want to know more information about the upcoming Diablo 4 beta? Want to slay some demons ahead of launch? Well, Blizzard has put out some new information about the beta and you'll definitely want to take note of. Luckily we have the breakdown of everything you'll want to know ahead of beta.

We have details about the beta including the dates, the server launch times, what classes that you'll be able to play and more. There's quite a bit to go through, so tuck in.


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When is the Diablo 4 beta?

There are two beta test periods that are coming up very soon. The first is an early access beta, for those who have pre-purchased the game. The second is an open beta that anyone can partake in.

Early Access

  • March 17 - 20, 2023
  • Servers open March 17 at 9 AM PST (5 PM GMT)
  • Servers close March 20 at 12 PM PST (8 PM GMT)

Open Beta

  • March 24 - 27, 2023
  • Servers open March 24 at 9 AM PST (5 PM GMT)
  • Servers close March 27 at 12 PM PST (8 PM GMT)

Diablo 4 beta details

There's a few details that you'll want to keep tabs on for these beta dates. First of all, we mentioned this, but the early access beta is for those who have pre-purchased Diablo 4. You can pre-purchase the game all the way through the early access beta and you should be able to get access. The beta will be available for PC, Playstation and Xbox platforms.

If you're playing in the early access beta, you'll have access to three classes: the Barbarian, Sorcerer and Rogue. Players will be able to play through the prologue and act one of the campaign. The level cap will be 25, which is a quarter of the total levels a player can gain in the game. Progress in the early access beta will carry through to the open beta.

For the open beta, you'll get access to the other two classes in the game, the Druid and the Necromancer. One other thing that will be happening during the beta is that a World boss will be spawning on each Saturday of beta for players to take on. There will be four total spawns to account for time zones.

Diablo 4 beta rewards

If you play in the beta, there's rewards to be had! There's two titles and a cosmetic rewards that you'll be able to earn.

  • Initial Casualty title - Reach Kyovashad
  • Early Voyager title - Reach level 20
  • Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic - Get one character to level 20.
picture of the beta wolf pet in diablo 4

These are earned in both the early access beta and open beta and these will carry through to the full game's launch.

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