Diablo 4 error codes and fixes - 316719, 315306, and memory leak fixes

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Struggle with the closed beta? Not having any better luck with the open beta? Diablo 4 error codes are bound to be a dime a dozen. That's the reason the game is in beta in the first place. In an effort to get all the bugs sorted for the June 2023 release, forums are awash with Nephelem feeding error reports back to Blizzard in the hopes that launch will be different. And we have a few fixes already.

Down below, we'll list out any and all Diablo 4 error codes we come across. On top of solving our own issues with the game, we'll be rooting through communities on the Blizzard forums, Reddit, Discord, and beyond to find all the different issues you might run into, the potential causes of them, and some potential fixes and workarounds. Keep checking back for me.

And, if the fixes work for your issue and get you playing over the weekend, check out our build guides for the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Rogue. We even have preliminary build guides up for the newly added Druid and Necromancer classes, too.

Diablo 4 error codes and fixes - Open beta bugs

Error 316719


This is a general disconnect code. It likely has nothing to do with your personal internet connection. Though it never hurts to give your router a quick reboot (they need a break and a chance to flush their systems), it likely won't result in you dodging the error the next time around.


Basically, Error 316719 in Diablo 4 is the one you'll get if the servers just blipped for a second. They're under intense pressure, and sometimes they give way. It's sad, but it's largely unavoidable. Just try to get back in. It'll happen on PC or console.

Error 300008 in action on Diablo 4.
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Error 300008


This is an error you'll run into while in the queue - which will hopefully be a thing of the past a few days into launch in June. Though the reality is that, going off the Diablo 3 launch way back when, the issues will persist for the first couple of weeks in a diminished factor.


Queue again. Sadly, this is just another one of those server blip moments. If you see your queue time dropping dramatically, it's probably being caused by the people in front timing out in a similar way. Picture it as a tsunami washing over a coast and making its way across the land. You're likely next.

Licence Error 315306


This one tends to show up when you're a little too early to the queue. Though it's rare to have the Play button light up before the servers officially open for testing, there are ways around this - with some even seeing a pressable button long before the servers go live.


Simply put, recheck the times the game is set to go live in your country. Chances are you're just a bit too early, which is why the game will flag you as essentially not owning the game - the authentication servers likely aren't able to authenticate any account before the specified time.



This is one unique to PC. You can cause it by tabbing out of the game to bring up another window. If the window crosses into the space of Diablo 4, the game will likely crash with this error.


Right now, there's no real way around it. Unless you have a second screen. In that case, you can tab out to interact with any window that won't overlap Diablo's own.

Data Error - Corrupted data


This one can stem from too many memory-based crashes. If you're running close to the storage limit of the device the game is installed to, you're more likely to run into this as your system starts to move things around to cope.


To fix it, use your console's game repair tool to rechech the game. Force it to look for an update in case there has been once since. On PC, you just need to click the cog icon by the Play button in the Blizzard launcher. Select 'Scan and repair' and let it do its thing.

Out of memory - Diablo 4 has run out of memory and the application needs to exit



With memory leaks being reported across both the closed and open beta, it's hard to nail down the exact cause for this. It can be exacerbated by running the game on a storage device that's close to its limit, but it's most likely caused by simply running out of RAM on your machine.

We've hit this problem on a system running 32GBs of DDR4 RAM with 8GB of VRAM on a Nvidia RTX 2060, but the system was skirting a full install drive and, on a separate case, a nearly full system drive.


Assuming you have the required 8GB of RAM, you'll just want to close absolutely everything while running Diablo 4. Chrome is a big memory hog, so don't be tempted to leave a dozen tabs open and YouTube video while you play.

And that's your lot. We're bound to run into more Diablo 4 error codes in time, but these are all the ones we've found so far. We'll add more over the open beta weekend, so check back later if you're still having trouble.

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