Destiny 2 Lightfall - Strand exotics explained

picture of three guardians using new Lightfall exotics

picture of three guardians using new Lightfall exotics

Destiny 2's latest expansion Lightfall is upon us! With this new expansion comes a brand new story, new features, and most importantly new exotics for us to play with. There are a handful of new exotic weapons and armor, with most of them playing around our new subclass, Strand. So we'll be looking at the new Destiny 2 Strand exotics.

We're going to look primarily at the armor for each class, because those are going to be the most build defining pieces of the lot. We'll detail how you'll want to use these exotics and rough ideas for stats you'll want to make the best use for these builds.

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Destiny 2 Strand exotics

There are three exotics that we'll be looking at, each of which were shown off in the Weapons and Gear Trailer that Bungie put out on January 31, 2023.

The first exotic that we have is the Titan exotic Abeyant Leap. These are leg armor that gives you the ability for when you put up your barricade, it sends out three lashes in a cone. When they hit enemies, they are suspended in air.

This exotic definitely gives the Titan some incredible utility. Very similar to Stasis, having control of add mobility is incredibly beneficial for higher end content. You're going to definitely want to make sure that you're capped on Resilience, giving you the shortest cooldown for your barricade. That being said, you're going to want to make sure that you also have a high discipline stat, because grenades will your primary damage source outside of your weapons.

The Hunter exotic is Cyrtararchne’s Façade. This is a helmet that gives you Woven Mail when you grapple. Woven Mail reduces the damage you take from body shots and reduces flinch. This exotic screams PvP, given that the flinch you take from PvE combatants isn't as big as the flinch from other guardians. Until we know how much damage resistance you get from Woven Mail, we don't know if it will give enough damage reduction to be useful in higher end PvE content, or if it's general use exotic.

For our Warlocks, their exotic is called Swarmers. Destroying Strand tangles spawns threadlings. These threadlings will track to enemies and deal damage. For this one, we're expecting that this is going to be one of the more complete and involved builds to craft. We're not 100% sure how you generate tangles, or how frequently you can make them. This will determine how good this exotic will feel to play with.

We only have a few more days to wait until we can get full playtime with these exotics and Strand in general, so be sure to stay tuned as we'll be bringing you build guides for everything Strand.

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