Top 5 starter builds for Last Epoch patch 0.9

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Are you looking to play Last Epoch during the new 0.9 multiplayer patch, but aren't sure what to play? Well, you're in luck! We have the top five starter builds for Last Epoch patch 0.9. These builds will be amazing starters to help you cruise through the campaign and into the late game.

These builds will have a range of different play styles and classes, and all of these are going to be using different classes and masteries. All of these builds were curated by build crafter Dr3ad, so big shoutout to him for taking the time to make all of these builds.

While you're here, why not also check out our guide to the new 0.9 patch for Last Epoch, as there's quite a bit of changes coming to the game during this patch.

Top 5 Last Epoch 0.9 builds

Cold Dot Wearbear

The first build that we're going to go over is the Cold Dot Wearbear. We're going to use the Primalist class, and take the Druid mastery. We are a strength stacker to start. We're going to be using Maelstrom as our main cold damage over time skill. This is combined with a cold converted Entangling Roots. This increases the cold damage over time taken by enemies hit with it. If you want to run around as a giant bear and freeze things to death, then this is the build for you.

Critical Strike Hammer Throw Paladin

The next build that we have is a critical strike based Hammer Throw paladin. This is a build that leverages a couple powerful nodes on the Hammer Throw skill tree, Enra's Technique and Mana Starved Forging. We'll effectively be spamming hammers for free, even when we run out of mana. If you played hammerdin in Diablo 2 and want to feel that nostalgia again but shake things up a bit, this build is for you.

Icicle Bow Mage Marksman

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Next up is the Icicle Bow Mage. This is a marksman build that takes advantage of a couple very interesting unique items to cast a powerful spell, Icicle, whenever we hit with a bow skill. While the build does require these uniques to work, they're easy to farm for early on in the end game. We have a written guide to that build here.

Lethal Mirage Fulgerite Bladedancer

The fourth build on our list is a Lethal Mirage Fulgerite Bladedancer. This is a lightning conversion build using the skill Lethal Mirage. We're going to need a couple unique daggers, the Fulgerite Shard, to make this build work. That being said, those are very easy to farm up. This build uses a node in the Shift skill to make our next attack always critically strike. This works for every hit of Lethal Mirage, providing us a massive damage boost. We are also stacking cooldown recovery speed to reduce Lethal Mirage's cooldown quite a lot. If you loved the Seven-sided strike monk build from Diablo 3, then this might be the right build for you.

Flame Wraith Necromancer

The final build that we have is the Flame Wraith Necromancer. This is a minion build that aims to summon a ton of ranged fire damage dealing wraith minions to dish out the pain. Wraiths have high minion spell damage, which we're going to be taking advantage of. This build does have a couple mandatory items to function, the Aberrant Call staff, and two idols that have a chance to summon a ranged wraith instead of a melee one. The staff can be farmed in the endgame, while the idols can drop while you're in the campaign, so definitely be on the lookout. If you want to let others do the fighting for you, then definitely give this build a look.

And that's the top 5 starters for Last Epoch patch 0.9! Big thanks again to Dr3ad for putting the builds together, definitely check out his content on YouTube!

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