Hogwarts Legacy mods - What we want to see

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The player character holding up a cup in the Great Hall in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Official YouTube Trailer
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February 15, 2023: We have looked over our information

It’s no secret that open-world RPGs are the best kind of games for the modding community to play around with. The wizarding world of Harry Potter provides a great foundation for possible Hogwarts Legacy mods, and there is almost an unlimited amount of cool things fans would love added to the game.


However, it is worth pointing out that Hogwarts Legacy is being published by Warner Bros. This studio has not been supportive of the modding community in the past, and there’s no word yet whether the game will even have Steam Workshop support. That isn’t to say that people won’t be able to find a way around this, though. Places like Nexus Mods have existed for years with direct mod downloads.

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Hogwarts Legacy mods - What we want to see

The following is a look at the sort of things we're desperate to see from future Hogwarts Legacy mods!

Original music and ambient soundtrack

While it’s understandable why Warner Bros. might want to introduce a new and unique soundtrack to their game, sometimes the classic option really is the better one. For many who grew up watching the films, the Harry Potter soundtrack is just as iconic as some action scenes! This is particularly relevant in places like the Great Hall and on Christmas morning.

It’s clear that Hogwarts Legacy is hoping to bring a sense of nostalgia to the players. The first book was published all the way back in 2001, and the last film of the main series was released in 2011. To be able to play the original Harry Potter soundtrack while playing Hogwarts Legacy would really complete this experience, and would no doubt be one of the more popular mods.


Custom NPCs, spells, hair, and outfits

Of course, no Hogwarts experience would be complete without seeing some of the famous characters. If you ignore that Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1890s, then seeing Hermione studying in the library would make the whole experience feel just right!

This wouldn’t be the only customisation that would be a fun addition to the game, though. Although it might be tricky to do, being able to add custom spells to the game would make it feel like a truly unique player experience. Finally, you can expect to see a large amount of custom hair and outfits available from the modding community, something similar to what you’d find in the Sims games!

Multiplayer and RP capabilities

In recent years, multiplayer role playing mods have blown up in popularity, as many games like GTA RP and Minecraft SMP found success with audiences on YouTube and Twitch. A game like Hogwarts Legacy that has heavy RPG elements is just begging to be played with friends. You could goof off in class with them, and then practice your spells on each other during the lunch break.


Ability to start in different years

When you arrive at the school in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be joining in your fifth year. This is good from a gameplay perspective, as you’ll be stronger and able to access more places in the school. However, it is a shame that you won’t be able to have the true Hogwarts experience by starting out in the first year with everyone else!

This would certainly be a difficult mod to pull off, as you’d essentially be creating four extra years of content. Lessons, events, and even NPC relationships would all have to be made from scratch for this experience. However, this is a treatment that a lot of other games have received over the years, so it’s certainly not impossible! For now, we can dream that this one becomes a reality.

First person

At the moment, Hogwarts Legacy is strictly a third-person game. You’ll be following your respective witch or wizard from behind them as they run around the Hogwarts grounds. However, with the availability of VR headsets, many modders have found that there is a rising demand for first-person experiences in games. This should be a relatively easy mod to implement into the game unless, of course, you’re transforming into a VR experience as well!


Squib mod

It goes without saying, that the Hogwarts experience is all about learning spells and using magic. Even brewing potions requires some level of magical abilities in order to make them work properly! However, not everyone in the Harry Potter world can use magic, even if they come from wizarding parents. These are known as Squibs, and they are the subject of ridicule for some of the more sinister characters in the established series.

How interesting would it be though, to experience Hogwarts as a Squib? You would have to find a way around combat, such as by using some of the carnivorous plants to deal damage. While you wouldn’t be able to excel at the spellcasting lessons, for obvious reasons, there would be no reason that you wouldn’t find your talents in Herbology. There would be nothing holding back Squibs from learning the processes and ingredients needed for potion-making, even if they couldn’t make the product themselves.

It would make for a really unique experience for subsequent playthroughs of the game, and it’s something that we’d love to see implemented!

That's it for our look at Hogwarts Legacy mods! For more on the game, check out our guide to the full quest list, our guide to getting the Elder Wand, and our guide to beating the pensieve guardian.