Is Hagrid in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Even though Hogwarts Legacy is not focused on the Harry Potter storyline, many players hope to see their favourite heroes from the Harry Potter universe in the game. Hagrid in Hogwarts Legacy seems to take the leading place in the list of the most anticipated characters.

This half-giant has drawn the attention of the entire Hogwarts Legacy community. By reading this guide, you will find out if Hagrid is in Hogwarts Legacy. Moreover, there will be helpful information about other Harry Potter characters in Hogwarts Legacy.


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Will Hagrid appear in Hogwarts Legacy?

As stated in the Harry Potter books, Hagrid was born in 1928. The game takes place in the late 1800s. Therefore, Hagrid is unlikely to appear in the game. The only option to meet Hagrid in Hogwarts Legacy is if the game covers more than 30 years, or has a flash-forward.

Hogwarts Legacy could only include Hagrid in the game as an easter egg, perhaps with his older relatives. Even though it is yet to be officially confirmed, Hagrid could appear either in reference from his parents if they appear, or as a skin to use.

A male character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter characters in Hogwarts Legacy

Talking about characters from Harry Potter movies and books in Hogwarts Legacy, everything is way more disappointing than it might seem. The only officially confirmed character in the game is Nearly Headless Nick. He has appeared a few times during Hogwarts Legacy trailers and gameplay showcases. Unfortunately, other Harry Potter characters are unlikely to appear in the upcoming title.

One more potential hero from the Harry Potter movies who could be added to Hogwarts Legacy is Dumbledore. The legendary headmaster could well be a student in this time period, and we already know that Dumbledore had a bad reputation during his first years at Hogwarts.

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