Is Hogwarts Legacy on Game Pass?

A wizard casting a red spell in Hogwarts Legacy

A wizard casting a red spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Howarts Legacy is one of the most popular releases of 2023. You might be wondering, is Hogwarts Legacy on Game Pass? Warner Bros. has been very generous with its library of games in the past, so it’s definitely possible. Some big titles like Back 4 Blood were even available on Game Pass on launch day.

Hogwarts Legacy is releasing on multiple platforms. This means that no matter what console you play games on, you’ll be able to enjoy your Hogwarts experience comfortably. But does that include for "free" through Game Pass?

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Is Hogwarts Legacy on Game Pass?

As far as we know, Hogwarts Legacy is not due to release on Game Pass. However, this doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way forever. It’s very possible that Hogwarts Legacy will join the Xbox Game Pass service in a year's time.

A scene from the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, showing a wizard holding his wand
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Will you be able to choose your wand in Hogwarts Legacy, from the Xbox Game Pass?

This is because of a marketing deal between Sony and Warner Bros. This comes with an exclusive quest for PlayStation users, called Haunted Hogsmeade. It’s likely that this deal is what prevents Hogwarts Legacy from being made available on Game Pass, owned by Microsoft, until the exclusive deal is over.

It’s often that deals like this one will last for around a year. This trend started quite famously with Destiny, which was launched in September 2014. This contract had some very careful wording, saying that PlayStation content would stay exclusive for “at least [a year from its PlayStation debut].”

While most of the content made its way to Xbox on September 2015, it took a further two years for the final few maps, quests, and skins to be made available outside of PlayStation.

We have seen this year-long exclusivity again whenever the Call of Duty games have been released in recent years. Not only did PlayStation users get private access to a popular survival mode when Modern Warfare was released, but they added a whole list of exclusives for Black Ops Cold War. These included the mode, Zombies Onslaught, but also things like XP bonuses, extra load-outs, and even battle pass bonuses.

However, nothing is impossible! There hasn’t been anything confirmed yet, so for those who are waiting for Hogwarts Legacy to be added to Game Pass in the future, it’s still possible.

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