Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide pages - Locations, rewards, and how to find more

Overlooking Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Overlooking Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you're a completionist, you're going to want to find every Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide page out there. As a fifth-year student who's only just found their way to Hogwarts, the Field Guide is like a catch-up manual used to help you cram 48 months of wizard school curriculum between all your wizard world saving.

Beyond the obvious dopamine rush, finding more Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide pages has other perks, too. Along the way, you'll unlock handy items and exclusive gear for completing sections and hitting collection goals. If you want to nab some cool outfits, rummaging around for more pages is the way. And we can help.

Like collecting things? If you're working towards that 100 percent exploration achievement, you'll need more than just Field Guide pages. Check out the Hogwarts secrets for some good ones, the Demiguise Statues list for more, and how to pop balloons if you're ready for that task.

How to find Field Guide pages

Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy can be found in a number of ways. You'll need to know and harness them all to find the lot, though.

For the most part, you'll find Field Guide pages hiding by key pieces of Hogwarts history. If you see a fountain, painting, or statue that looks like it's been there a good long while, it likely has a story to tell - and that's what a Field Guide page will do.

You need to reveal Field Guide pages before you can collect them, though. You won't just see them floating there for you to collect, so you've likely already missed a bunch.

The Field Guide page for the Slytherin Girl's Bathroom.
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To uncover Field Guide pages, you just need to cast Revelo using the D-Pad. This will reveal any Field Guides in the immediate area for you to collect. Just interact with them to add them to your collection.

Sometimes, Field Guide pages are purposefully avoiding you. Rather than staying static and stationary by a neat object, you'll spot them fluttering outside or around a whole room in plain sight. For those, you'll need a different approach, which we've outlined in our dedicated guide all about how to catch flying Field Guide pages. Check it out.

How to find more Field Guide pages

Rather than running around and casting Revelo every couple of seconds, there's a less annoying way to collect Field Guide pages - the sound. When you're close to a Field Guide page, you'll hear a familiar chime. This is your clue that a Field Guide page is nearby. So crank up the in-game sounds and listen out. But there are other ways to get Field Guide pages that aren't specific to a historical part of the castle.

Orb statues

Large statues depicting a figure holding a perforated orb of some kind. By using the correct spell on any you come across, you'll unlock a Field Guide page.

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Dragon statues

These small bird bath-style ornaments are found scattered throughout the castle. Hit them with the correct spell to have them light up and disappear, revealing a Field Guide page in their wake.

Wall dragon statues

Distant versions of the dragon statues, these ones are typically out of reach for inexperienced wizards. They work largely the same way, though. Hit them with the right spell and use another to grab the Field Guide page they spawn.

Moth frames

You'll be introduced to these ones early in the game, but it might take you a little while to work out what they're asking. Once you figured it out, though, you'll find these to be some of the more reliable sources of Field Guide pages.

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