How long is High on Life?

Kenny in a colourful forest in High on Life.

Kenny in a colourful forest in High on Life.

If you're looking to play the game and want to know how long High on Life is, this is what you should know. High on Life has finally launched after plenty of teases, and you can grab it right now on Xbox Game Pass.

The game is made up of bounties, so we'll go over how long it should take you to go through the story mode to completion. We also go over if you can play the game after you have finished it.

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How long is High on Life?

Generally speaking, High on Life is a pretty linear game. If you want to get through the main story, with just a little bit of exploring and waiting for the dialogue to finish, it should take you around seven to ten hours. If you want to find all chests and secrets, and grab all achievements, you are looking at a playtime of around 15 hours.

There are some rewards and easter eggs that are a little more fun the second time going through the game, but it doesn't really incentivise you to go back.

Kenny shooting in High on Life
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Can you play High on Life after finishing it?

Yes! Once you have finished the game, simply press continue and you will be teleported to your house, next to Gene. The effects of the game have happened but will take a few days to travel across the universe, meaning nothing will be different. This means you can go through all of the environments, finding all boxes, cards, and more.

Very little has changed here, but you can grab a key from Clugg's office and use it in the Human Haven. This will give you a teaser for a potential sequel, assuming High on Life sells well enough to justify it.

If you're looking for more information about High on Life, here's what happens if you stab Gene in High on Life.

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