How to beat 5 Torg in High on Life

5 Torg in High on Life

High on Life has tonnes of bosses to take on and gross new areas to explore. One of the earliest requires grabbing a brand-new knife and hacking away at an evil alien. After this, you get the ability to kill 5 Torg in High on Life.

9 Torg is the first real boss fight in High on Life and a bit of a challenge if you can't put together how to traverse the arena. After taking you through beating the fight, we go over 5 Torg, her identical twin, and what happens if you kill them.

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How to beat 9 Torg in High on Life

Firstly, know that you can't encounter 5 Torg until you've defeated 9 Torg. There are a few steps you have to take before you defeat 9 Torg in High on Life. First, you have to find Gene and grab the bounty hunter suit from him. Then, you have to get the activation chip from the pawn shop. The game will work you through all of this, and you can ping the next objective by clicking up on the D-Pad.

After this, you will be sent into the slums to grab Knifey and kill 9 Torg. You can find the slums guarded by a red alien and blue alien. Answer their questions any way you want and you will be let through. Go forward, grab Knifey, and learn how to tether to new places. This will send you straight to 9 Torg, ready for a battle.

After you have grabbed Knifey, there are a few things you have to keep in mind for beating 9 Torg. Both of Kenny's attacks are strong but can be used in different ways. His heavy attack should hit the floor and will stagger 9 Torg. Then, you can get in close for a stab. After a while, you will have to use Knifey to tether above the arena. This will get you out of the way of the sludge that will fill the arena. If you continue to repeat this cycle, you will take down 9 Torg easily. After this, 5 Torg will descend down, congratulating you and letting you pass. This being said, you can attack them to activate a secret fight.

9 Torg in High on Life
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What happens if you kill 5 Torg in High on Life?

This secret boss fight isn't really much of a fight, but it does have combat music and a health bar. Just hit 5 Torg a couple of times while tied up and they will eventually die. They do give you some funny dialogue before they go so it's worth listening to.

This changes nothing in the story, so the only reason you may want to do it is to hear the unique dialogue.

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