How to get Knifey in High on Life

Blim in High on Life

Blim in High on Life

If you're wondering how to get Knifey in High on Life, this is everything you need to know. The game has a lot going on at pretty much any moment. With Kenny constantly talking, NPCs interacting, and the world falling apart, you may miss what you need to do.

Knifey is one of the High on Life's most violent characters. Given almost everything in High on Life wants to kill you, this is a pretty impressive feat. In this guide, we not only go over everything you need to know to pick him up for yourself, but we go over whether or not he can be upgraded, and how to get the most out of him.

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How to get Knifey in High on Life

In order to get Knifey, you have to take on the bounty to hunt down 9-Torg. You will unlock this bounty naturally as you play. You cannot miss Knifey, so you don't have to worry too much about it.

You have to find Gene, who will then set up a computer in your house. From here, you will be sent down into the slums. You will find two aliens holding up the gates, arguing about who is the most attractive. No matter which way you answer, you will be let through. From here, follow the quest forward until you get to a door.

You can go in there to buy the knife but, instead of actually buying Knifey, you can just stab the two aliens holding it. This is now yours to use for the rest of the game.

Knifey in the inventory menu in High on Life
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Can you upgrade Knifey in High on Life?

You can't upgrade Knifey in High on Life. You can upgrade all of your guns and some of your abilities in the game, but Knifey stays the same for the entire duration. This being said, you can make Knifey a bit better by learning how he works and upgrading your movement abilities. As well as getting things like the jetpack and upgrading your slide abilities, you can do a visceral attack with the knife, granting you a shield and temporary invulnerability. These will help.

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