What happens if you stab Gene in High on Life?

Knifey in High on Life

If you're wondering what happens if you stab Gene in High on Life, this is what you need to know. High on Life gives you plenty of wild choices throughout the game. From shooting random civilians to breaking the environment, it can be hard to know what all of that will do.

In this, we go over both options the game gives you after you get Knifey as well as everything you need to know to earn them. High on Life relishes in all those weird choices so it is worth fully exploring them throughout your time with the game.

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What happens if you stab Gene in High on Life?

The option to stab Gene is one you get very early on in the game. Knifey is a malice-filled knife who loves to kill anything you can plunge it into. Given Gene left him to be stolen by other aliens, he wants to get revenge. He aims to help you take on 9-Torg, and wants to stab Gene after you're done.

If you stab Gene, he takes damage and moves on. Gene is a jaded bounty hunter and has taken worse, so he will be fine. You do get an achievement for doing so though. Given it has basically no effect, you are better off doing it to get those achievement points.

Gene in High on Life, waiting to either be stabbed or survive unscathed.
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