What is Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life?

The TV in High on Life showing Tammy and the T-Rex.

The TV in High on Life showing Tammy and the T-Rex.

High on Life is a game packed with references. From in-jokes to meta-humour, there's truly so much to pay attention to. If you're wondering about Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life, this is everything you need to know. You will have to look into some of the jokes in this game a lot.

In this High on Life guide, we go over what Tammy and the T-Rex is, and if you get an achievement for discovering it. It's a very strange reference in the game, likely there due to its copyright running out. As you continue to play the game, you'll no doubt discover more easter eggs like it.

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What is Tammy and the T-Rex in High on Life?

Tammy and the T-Rex is a movie Gene watches in your home in High on Life. It was not a movie made for High on Life, and actually comes from 1994. It's actually a movie well-known for being bad. If you want something terrible to watch, it's a pretty good choice.

Essentially, the movie is about a girl called Tammy and her boyfriend, a T-Rex. An evil scientist kills the boyfriend and places his brain inside a T-Rex. As you might expect, it's a horror comedy with a tiny budget. It stars Denise Richards as Tammy and Paul Walker as Michael.

There are a few different things that can play on the TV throughout the game. You just have to walk into the house at the right time or wait for it to show up. If you hang around, it will play the entire movie.

Tammy and the T-Rex showing on the TV in High on Life
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Do you get an achievement for watching Tammy and the T-rex in High on Life?

No, although you might expect to unlock an achievement for watching the full movie, you don't get anything. You can watch the full movie if you choose to, but the only benefit you will get from doing so is a couple of new pieces of dialogue. You can get most of the game's achievements without finding easter eggs.

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